TriCaster Tips & Tricks - Streaming

What streaming providers can help me?

There are several streaming providers that have been recommended by NewTek customers (not affiliated with or endorsed by NewTek):

Error Message: Please enter valid stream ID

You need to enter a name for the stream in the "Stream ID" field on the TriCaster interface. The name can be anything.

Can I make custom streaming profiles for Windows Media?

All TriCaster models and software versions support the ability to stream via Windows Media: we offer a variety of profiles with various settings to cover any circumstance. If you require different settings however it's possible to create and use your own streaming profiles* in TriCaster.

To do this exit TriCaster and go to Administrator mode then to Start > All Programs > Windows Media > Utilities > Windows Media Profile Editor.

What well need to do is load in an existing profile and work off of that, so youll need to click Import... and navigate to this folder:

C:TriCasterUser DataDefault UserStreamProfiles

You will need to grab a profile from the NTSC or PAL folder and from there the 4x3 or 16x9 folder. The profile you grab should correspond to what mode you intend to end up using it in.

Now with the profile loaded in you can customize it completely; bit rate, frame rate, resolution, etc. Visit Microsofts Windows Media Encoder official site for more information on the program.

When you're done customizing the profile you will need to click Export under the General tab. Navigate back to the appropriate folder mentioned before and save your profile here. Whatever profile name you save it as is what it will show up as inside of TriCaster. Now you should be able to launch TriCaster and stream with your own profile. Each profile will double as a push streaming profile and a pull streaming profile if your TriCaster has the ability to do so.

*Custom profiles are not supported and could potentially cause stability issues while running the TriCaster software

How do I stream Flash using Ustream?

  • Log into Ustream and setup a show.
  • Once you've done that go to My Shows
  • In the Show tab select advanced
  • Download the "Flash Media Encoder XML File"
  • Open the xml file in notepad or text editor
  • Look for your stream url (it begins with rtmp:\\ ) and the stream id, found within the tags right below the url. Copy and paste that ID into the TriCaster streaming section.
  • If you log into the same Ustream account on another computer and launch the broadcast console, it will show you that TriCaster is connected to Ustream but the broadcast has not started. This allows you to test your settings and connection before the public can see your show.
  • To stream, just click Start Broadcast in the broadcast console.

The broadcast console allows you record your show on Ustream for on demand viewing or to loop when your show is not live. We recommend that you use the Broadcast Console (From another computer) instead of removing offair from the streamID pasted into TriCaster.

How do I connect TriCaster to Ustreamor Watershed for Live Streaming?

There is a TriCaster streaming video now posted on the Ustream site. You can view it here.

How do I save and access multiple streaming profiles?

Thanks to Jose Burgos for sharing this tip.

If you have numerous online profiles and streaming accounts, here is an easier way to access them without exiting TriCaster and diving into a text file - use the existing TriCaster tools of Edit Text and Title Templates.

  • Make your text files using notepad and save them appropriately. If you have one for Watershed and one for UStream, for example.
  • Exit Notepad and launch TC.
  • Go into Edit Text and load one of the text files. You can leave the default alignment settings and hit Ok to bring it into Text Edit.
  • Now, save this as a Title Template.
  • Select new and do the same for any additional text files.
  • Go to the TriCaster live production tab and then the txt tab and add your new templates. Double click to activate it in the template edit window.
  • Select one of the lines which automatically select the whole line of text. Hold down CTRL+C to copy the text.
  • Now, go to the stream tab and click on the field you want the text to go and CTRL+V to paste it.
  • Go back to the text tab and select the other line of text and do the same thing and paste it into the other field.

This is a thousand times faster than exiting TC and then launching TC just to copy and paste text.

When I am using TriCaster, how can I record my Flash stream without connecting to a server?

Attempting to record a Flash live stream without anything in the address window causes an error, preventing you from recording.

To write to disk without publishing point, type the following in the location field: rtmp://localhost/live

Type anything into the Stream ID but don't leave it blank or it will give you an error.

Can I make custom streaming profiles in Flash?

Applicable only to TriCaster PRO, TriCaster STUDIO and TriCaster BROADCAST units running TriCaster 2.5 software*

While NewTek, Inc. includes a wide variety of streaming profiles for TriCaster it is possible to create your own and use them inside TriCaster**. You need to have the latest TriCaster 2.5 patch in order to do this. You may download the latest TriCaster updates by logging into the download page on the registration site.

If you have the latest patch installed go to Administrator mode, we will first need to initialize the TriCaster video i/o drivers so they are detected by going to Start > Run. In the Open field type in "newtekrtme" and press OK, a DOS prompt should pop up and run through a few things: leave this open.

Now open up Flash Media Live Encoder*** (FMLE) by going to Start > All Programs > Adobe > Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3. It is normal to get a couple of errors when you launch the program, just click past them. Here all settings can be customized: bit rate, frame rate, resolution, etc. In order for it to properly use the audio and video from the TriCaster make sure the Device under the Video and Audio sections are set to VT Video Device and VT Audio Device respectively. Also set the Input Size to 720x480 (NTSC) or 768x576 (PAL). From here you may customize the other settings as you please.

For more information on the encoding options please visit Adobe's help site here.

After you have finished your profile in FMLE go to File > Save Profile and navigate to here:

C: > TriCaster > User Data > Default User > StreamProfiles > FlashProfiles

You will then need to go to either the NTSC or PAL folder and from there into the 4x3 or 16x9 folder and save your profile in here. Your profile must begin with "Flash" (capital "F", lower-case "lash") and may be followed by a brief name or description (you will see our examples listed here wherein we include the preset specifications). If the file is not named correctly then it will not be recognized correctly as a Flash Media profile and will appear as a Pull and Push profile as a Windows Media Encoder profile.

Once you have finished close FMLE and close the DOS prompt window (NewTekRTME) that we launched earlier. Configure your TriCaster to launch with the aspect ratio setting that corresponds to the profile you just made. You should now be able to select and stream through your custom profile under the Record & Stream tab under Live Production.

*To find out your version launch the TriCaster software and click on the ? in the top-right. In the pop-up window the last six numbers of the product ID in the lower-right corner should be 090112

**Custom profiles are not supported and could potentially cause stability or connectivity issues while running the TriCaster software

***Flash Media Live Encoder 3.0 is installed on the TriCaster, manually upgrading FMLE will cause the TriCaster to lose the ability to stream Flash