TriCaster Troubleshooting - Software

I have upgraded my TriCaster, but now my desktop is gone. How do I restore it?

Right click on your desktop and choose Properties. Then go to the Desktop tab and choose Browse; you will then want to go to the C:\TriCaster\AdminPanel\index.htm and select index.htm.

When I click on the 'Admin' button to return to TriCaster Desktop, the system restarts instead. How do I correct that?

While the system is just starting to re-boot, hold down the F8 key (or keep tapping it) to boot into safe mode.

Once there, you can go to Start > Programs > TriCaster > Reset Configs.

I'm changing text attributes for some TriCaster Overlay pages, but the changes don't seem to take. Why?

Even though you changed the script files, the text field attributes will not change until you remove then re-add the overlay to the Overlay Playlist. The TriCaster caches some of the information until the overlay is removed from the Playlist.

I created a custom overlay template, per the online instructions. Now it hangs when I try to boot TriCaster. Why?

The reasons could include:

  • You have misnamed one of the files. Make SURE that the thumbnail file you created is named thumb.png
  • The background image, bk.png is larger than 1440x1080 pixels

Can I import a Mac display on TriCaster?

Yes. NewTek now offers iVGA Mac, which allows you to import a Mac display as an additional TriCaster video input. This file is a free download to all registered TriCaster owners. To download, or register your TriCaster, go to

Can I get TriCaster to correctly follow Daylight Savings?

Yes. Daylight Savings Time was amended in 2007 to happen in March, instead of April. Since TriCaster defaults to no Windows updates, this change-over may not have occurred on your TriCaster.

Microsoft has a fix here.

I edit with Final cut Pro. Why am I having problems playing TriCaster MPEG-2 files?

Final Cut is a QuickTime-based editor, and has difficulty with other file types, including MPEG-2. For optimal FCP editing performance with TriCaster MPEG-2 files, you should first install Apple's plug-in.

Details are available here:

What do I lose if I choose the TriCaster 'Restore' option on boot up?

The TriCasters Restore option formats the C: drive only, not the D: drive. Formatting the C: drive means the following will be LOST along with anything else on the C: drive:

  • Updates youve installed for TriCaster.
  • Templates youve exported to Live.
  • Custom streaming profiles.
  • Programs you have installed on Windows.
  • Files on the Desktop or in My Documents.

The D: drive however will be completely intact, since the TriCaster defaults to saving everything there. Projects, clips, streams, CG pages, etc.

To access the update restart the TriCaster, while it boots begin tapping the F8 key on your keyboard until you come across Windows Advanced Options Menu choose "Return to OS choices menu" then choose "Restore TriCaster"

Note: when the Restore finishes you will need to type in your Windows key, this is located on the bottom of every TriCaster. The Windows key is a 5 x 5 digit alpha numerical key.

How do I stream Flash in VP6 or H.264?

When you try push out a stream in either VP6 or H.264 and get the error message:

Flash Media Encoder Error
Flash Media Encoder terminated prematurely, please try again.

You might try this:

  • Close TriCaster and return to Admin screen
  • In the Start menu, launch Flash Media Live Encoder
  • This will initialize Flash and create a new profile.
  • Reboot the system
  • Return to TriCaster and push your Flash stream

TriCaster will not detect my iVGA system. Why?

It maybe due to using differnt types of ip address. Check both the TriCaster and the other system that you have IVGA running on. When using the cross-over cable it would be better to use static ip address. Here is how to check which you are using.

Go to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area Connection > Properties > Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

We recorded an AVI in TriCaster and now I need the codec. Where can I find it?

If you have a TriCaster registered you can download the codec from the NewTek Registration Site.

Is it possible to recover a file if the recording is interrupted?

This FAQ explains how to recover footage should your broadcast be interrupted by the recording being stopped in the event the TriCaster software is improperly closed. The integrity and reliability of the footage cannot be guaranteed, however this is the best method to recover footage.


  1. In Admin mode open up the folder you were recording your production to before it halted (this location is D:\Media\Clips by default).
  2. Locate Tools > Folder Options in the menu bar on top.
  3. Go to the View tab.
  4. Make sure it is set to "Show hidden files and folders".
  5. Uncheck "Hide extensions for known filetypes".
  6. Press OK.


  1. Locate and open the NewTek Info folder inside here (note: NewTek Info folders are created in every folder that TriCaster browses to where it finds compatible media like JPEGs, AVI files, MP3s, etc.)
  2. Press Ctrl + F to initiate a search
    1. Choose "All files and folders"
    2. Leave "All or part of the file name" blank
    3. Under "When was it modified" change it to "Specify dates" and choose a day before and after the recording took place.
    4. Under "What size is it" change it to "Specify size" and enter in 50000 (this should locate most video clips longer than a few minutes and help omit most audio tracks).
    5. Under "More advanced options" check ONLY the following:
      1. Search hidden files and folders
      2. Search subfolders
      3. Click Search


The results of your search will hopefully only turn up a single file, possibly a few more. Copy all of the results into another folder on the D: drive and rename them. You may name them however you see fit but make sure each one ends with .MPG (notice the '.' at the beginning). This is called an extension; it tells Windows and other programs what sort of file it is and how to read it.

Afterwards, relaunch TriCaster and load in each file until you find the compatible one. If you do not find anything you may have to go back to the Procedure and be looser with the parameters (wider range of date, lower size).

Unsupported project format when launching software

You will need to Rebuild the DDR playlist.

  • Hit enter to close the message.
  • Once the software loads hit CTRL+V+T to close the software.
  • Open My Computer and browse to: C:TriCasterUser data [Your user folder] (Ex: TCPro)
  • Drag the My DDR Projects folder out of the directory, and on to the desktop.
  • Run the reset configuration on the desktop then relaunch the TriCaster Software.