Quad Monitor Support

Now in all professional TriCaster models
Drive two additional VGA monitors or projectors, with advanced scaling and frame-rate processing. Each display port supports an independently selectable output signal, increasing flexibility for multi-screen monitoring and output.

Custom Multi-View Layout

Now in all professional TriCaster models
Multi-view displays are now fully configurable, with sources and overlays selectable per viewport, enabling more flexible monitoring and allowing the operator to customize the workspace according to preference.

Output Selections

Secondary output channels now support expanded source selections. Choose to follow either of the primary outputs, or select any internal or external video source – with full frame-rate, color space and scaler – for more flexible output configuration.

Export Active Recordings

Export active ISO recordings to local storage or FTP while recording is in progress—and let postproduction staff begin working with recorded content as soon as the program begins to reduce turnaround time.

Queue Active Recordings

Add local or shared ISO recordings to DDR playlists and the Publish queue while recording is in progress. Trim, playback or export even as recording and live production continues for instantaneous access to content being captured – locally or remotely – for playback, publishing or postproduction.

Network Tally Display

TriCaster intelligently detects connections between replay channels and network inputs, providing automatic tally configuration for TriCaster-3Play workflows and reducing the risk of mistakes happening on air.