New Live Virtual Sets

The next generation of live virtual sets included in TriCaster 8000 take total advantage of our full pan and scan capabilities and position presets, and now include our most updated, more life-like template sets.

Holographic Live Virtual Sets

Create a customized virtual environment from any real-world location. Turn panoramic images taken with your smartphone, DSLR or even point-and-shoot camera into a photorealistic virtual set, using the companion TriCaster VSE 2.5 software (sold separately).

Rendering Engine

TriCaster 8000's already superior real-time effects engine adds an enhanced image rendering engine that produces on-air visuals comparable to the world's leading image editing applications for exceptionally clean picture quality.


TriCaster 8000's positioner controls add the bonus of edge feathering to provide soft edges and subtle effects in overlay sources, live virtual set inputs, and more.