Hollywood blockbusters are now touting the power and influence of 3D graphics. And the demand for artists to create these mind-blowing visual effects is growing. LightWave™ has the modeling and rendering capabilities to make it a key player in the production pipeline of major motion pictures. Movies such as She’s Out of My League, Avatar, Cargo, Battle for Terra, Angels and Demons, Dark Knight, 300, Iron Man, Serenity, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, all host graphic aspects created in LightWave.

LightWave also works seamlessly with other 3D applications and compositing programs to deliver results. Open formats include support for COLLADA™ and FBX®, MDD, and integrated Autodesk® Geometry Cache. You now have a more streamlined integration process. You can develop accurate models, quickly. Access free and unlimited render nodes. Get more speed and higher quality. Now, go create something cool, my friend.


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