Today, audience expectations are higher than ever. Your design needs to impact viewers to the point that they actually feel like part of what they're seeing. Audiences aren't the only ones who love hyper reality. If you're a 3D artist, then you expect your tools to help you bring your vision to glittering reality. You want technology that serves you.

NewTek LightWave delivers state-of-the-art modeling, animation, and rendering tools for a fraction of the price of competitive offerings. Whether you work in television, film, architectural or graphic design, print, or games, you can be creating and showing visuals to your client—in a fraction of the time.

3D—With or Without Glasses.

The need for higher production values and cost-effective tools has never been greater. With the cornerstone animation, rendering, and modeling capabilities found in LightWave, you can create a complete, integrated 3D production pipeline that makes handoffs smoother, and brings projects to the finish line faster.

Visual Effects.

Let's face it, audiences long to be transported to other worlds, other times, other realities. With NewTek's 3D animation feature-rich solutions, you can satisfy all types of creative demands with unparalleled capabilities and unprecedented delight.

Design and Visualization.

Anticipate and solve costly production problems while you explore that which inspires you. LightWave allows an artist's vision to take shape, while giving designers more information to work with so they can spend their time plying their craft instead of making guesses.

Character Animation.

Characters should add personality to your project. First, LightWave’s toolsets for modeling and texturing let the artist turn imagination into visible reality. Then LightWave’s rigging, animation and compositing abilities allow animators to breathe life into CG characters and creatures, give them a world to walk in, and move them with the look, feel, action and expression that will make viewers live that new reality.

Motion Graphics.

Broadcast bumpers, station identity packages, animated transitions and overlays, 3D titles and graphics for film and television—all have reached new levels of quality in the last few years, and NewTek LightWave has been among the leaders for creating the beautiful new imagery in use for motion graphics work. With LightWave, you can take your work a step further and bring a television ad to life, immerse a player in a first-person game, create scenes that move a live-action plot forward, or make up the entire set and cast for animated films. With LightWave’s interactive and responsive tools you can create lifelike, intricate, and totally natural motion graphics for any purpose.


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