LightWave™ provides game and software artists with fast and flexible tools. It's so versatile, you can incorporate the application directly into your production pipeline. You get support for COLLADA™, FBX®, MDD, and integrated Autodesk® Geometry Cache. And with an open SDK for the object format, it's easy to write the code required to import LightWave’s own LWO format directly into the game engine code. LightWave modeler has always been an ideal solution for artists who develop video game assets. And for in-game movies, the renderer puts out a "feature film" look fast. With photoreal results. Every time.

LightWave has great tools for creating other software, too. Like Nokia's famous clasping hands. Icons for Macintosh OS X. And more. LightWave provides artists with tools for making online ShockWave or VRML simulations, pre-rendered sequences for industrial applications, and dynamic animation of objects in the British Library's Turning the Pages project.

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