More Devices. More Content.

NewTek NDI Tools includes 6 powerful NDI production applications to help you move your shows into the IP-based video space. These tools allow you to use more devices, applications and files in your workflow, switch more content into your shows, organize your NDI sources and more.

  • NDI for Adobe® Creative Cloud®
  • NDI Test Patterns
  • NDI Access Manager
  • NDI Video Monitor
  • NDI Scan Converter
  • NDI VLC Plugin

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NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud

Design then deliver Adobe Creative Cloud content directly into your live production workflow from any Microsoft® Windows® workstation on your network. NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud is the only software plugin for Adobe’s industry-standard creative tools enabling real-time, renderless playback and preview over IP via NDI—right from the timeline—simplifying review and approval processes, facilitating collaboration between teams in different locations, and accelerating live-to-air editing workflows. Learn More…

NDI Access Manager

Organize NDI sources into groups and determine whether those sources are public or private on your network. NDI Access Manager allows you to make your NDI sources visible to every system and device on your network, or to select groups. You can also determine the NDI sources and groups that are visible and accessible to your system during productions, including sources from different subnets.

NDI Scan Converter

Expand your entire workflow, virtually, with NDI Scan Converter. Install on laptops and workstations —anywhere on your network—and their full-screen displays or any combination of windows, applications, webcams, or the entire screen become available as switchable video sources, without affecting other actions on those computers during production.

NDI Test Patterns

Equip your system or device to send a reference signal to other NDI-enabled devices on your network for audio and video calibration. Install this application and choose from a variety of test patterns, color bars, and audio tones to ensure accurate color properties and appropriate sound levels.

NDI Video Monitor

Turn any laptop or workstation into an NDI Video Monitor. Install this application, then select any NDI source visible on your network to view its video feed in real time from a dedicated window on your desktop.

NDI VLC Plugin

Enable more content, in more formats, delivering video clips to the network directly from your desktop with NDI VLC Plugin. Reduce the time and effort spent transcoding and transferring files for live production, bypass the hassle and cost of signal conversion from consumer devices, and access otherwise unusable content for your live programs.

NewTek NDI Tools


Includes NDI tools compatible with Microsoft® Windows® OS

  • NDI for Adobe® Creative Cloud®
  • NDI Access Manager
  • NDI Scan Converter
  • NDI Test Patterns
  • NDI Video Monitor
  • NDI VLC Plugin

NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud plugin requires Adobe Creative Cloud membership and access to compatible Creative Cloud applications. NDI VLC Plugin requires VLC Media Player for Windows.

NDI Tools for Windows


Includes NDI tools compatible with Mac® OS X or later, courtesy of NewTek Developer Network partner Sienna.

  • NDI Scan Converter Lite
  • NDI Video Monitor
  • NDI Signal Generator (equivalent to Test Patterns)

Minimum system requirements and features may vary.

NDI Tools for MAC


Includes NDI tools compatible with Microsoft Windows OS that can be run from USB storage media without installation.

  • NDI Scan Converter
  • NDI Video Monitor

Subject to change without notice.

NDI Tools for Portable

Minimum System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements (NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud)

  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 operating system (OS) or better
  • Intel i5 Sandy Bridge CPU or better
  • 2GB system memory
  • Adobe Creative Cloud membership (compatible applications include Adobe Premiere Pro® CC, Adobe After Effects® CC, Adobe Prelude® CC, and Adobe SpeedGrade® CC)
  • Gigabit connection or better

NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud plugin enables NDI output from supported applications on a single Microsoft Windows workstation.

Minimum System Requirements (other NDI Tools applications)

  • 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft Windows Vista® operating system (OS) or better (64-bit recommended)
  • Intel Core i3 CPU (2008 or later) or better
  • 6GB RAM
  • Gigabit connection or better
  • Display with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher

Mac-compatible versions of select Tools Pack applications also available (minimum system requirements and features may vary).

Minimum system requirements subject to change without notice.