What's Trending: The Future of Live Television


Technology, social media, and access to the Internet are redefining what it means to be a “broadcaster.” Today’s content creators are finding new ways to develop, produce and distribute online video content. NewTek’s Broadcast Minds is the community where creative media entrepreneurs examine the shift in the way people consume television content online, explore new ways to produce network-style television programs for the Web, and share ideas for anyone interested in learning how to live stream video like a pro.




Panel of cross-industry, Internet TV entrepreneurs including, Kevin Smith (SmodCo, "Red State"), Lisa Kudrow ("Web Therapy"), Burnie Burns (Rooster Teeth, "Red vs. Blue") sit down with Shira Lazar for a discussion on the future of online video in this special episode of "What's Trending". NewTek founder, Tim Jenison makes a special appearance, sharing his vision of the impact new technology could have on our future.

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