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NewTek customers tap into one of the largest network of developers for live production solutions with every purchase of our products. Yet, there are certainly many more companies and products that would be a valuable addition to our ecosystem. There are likely a host of additional features and integrated workflows awaiting our customers based on recommendations we receive.

If you would like to have features from another company’s products integrated with ours or have a recommendation for a workflow solution for live productions, please take a moment to fill out the form on the right.

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NewTek‘s Video SDK Program is designed to provide access for third-party developers to a series of NewTek Software Development Kits (SDKs) for our TriCaster and 3Play products. Developers using these tools can tap into the power of NewTek iVGA, LiveSet and DataLink technologies and extend their capabilities seamlessly. The program also includes the ability to access add-on plug-in architecture and support for remote control through a TCP/IP communication link. For information about requirements, access, eligibility for the program, and additional benefits for qualified developers, please fill out Join the NewTek Developer Network form with your complete contact details today.


ivga sdk

This SDK allows third party developers to write applications using the standard Windows DirectShow interface to send video data to a TriCaster system over the network using the iVGA protocol. This currently supports all models of the TriCaster products although some limitations of resolution and frame-rates are present with the SD TriCaster units.

DataLink SDK

datalink sdk

The DataLink SDK provides for the development of additional plug-ins which provide new data sources that can be used to provide dynamic data for use with LiveText.

Remote Control SDK

remote control sdk

This SDK provides the tools to remotely control NewTek video products from the “XD” product line. Remote control is over a TCP/IP communication link and so allows any device or system that allows these to be programmed to send messages to control the products. The initial version of this focus on TriCaster TCXD850, although we anticipate to extend support to other products.

TriCaster Streaming Plug-in SDK

liveset sdk

The TriCaster Streaming Plug-In SDK allows third party software developers and integrators to build their own plug-ins that will be used to provide alternative streaming capabilities to the TriCaster. The API allows specific URLs to be registered and custom streaming implementations to replace the integrated TriCaster streaming functionality.

TriCaster XD Add-On API

xd add-on sdk

Additionally, applications can be added to the TriCaster Startup Screen through the Add-On plug-in architecture. This provides a way for developers to seamlessly add their own applications to the menu and integrate them into the TriCaster.


NewTek customers immediately have access to a fast growing community of developers and products that integrate into their live production.

Companies are joining the NewTek Developer Network in large part because they recognize the valuable opportunity that comes from the vast number of NewTek customers and their production needs.

To learn more about our SDK program, gain the exemplary support of our development teams and become the newest member of the NewTek Developer Network please take a moment to fill out the form on the right.

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Every day, we work closely with a range of developers who strive to create compelling workflows for TriCaster and 3Play customers. The NewTek Developer Network represents a growing ecosystem of companies and products. Many organizations are developing and integrating their applications through our SDK program. Through these developers, NewTek customers benefit continuously from new products and workflows, and experiencing greater value through a breadth of additional functionality.

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