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Capture freeze frames of the action from every angle simultaneously with 3Play 4800 and 3Play 440. Still images can be saved for later use or published in real time to supported storage locations and social media platforms.

*Available only with 3Play 4800 and 3Play 440

Connect 3Play to a local network and tap into a variety of compatible devices for supplemental production content - even selecting from multiple connected sources while live.

*Available only with 3Play 4800 and 3Play 440

Add media of virtually any file format to the Clips List or Play List for playback, and intermix with captured footage for content variety.

media playbackLoad and playback both long and short-form video clips, pre-produced video packages and motion graphics, with support for an extensive range of file formats to work with essentially any media asset.

Import an MP3 or WAV file of your favorite music bed or song, apply it to your Play List, and pump up your highlight reels with a background audio track.