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If you’re a video professional, broadcaster, blogger or organization looking to expand your live production, stream programs online, or enhance your web presence, you're not alone. You need to stand out—and look outstanding too.

TriCaster 450 live production systems are the affordable way to produce your professional four-camera, 14-channel HD live show, anywhere. Designed for mobility or an enclosed booth, each is an integrated solution that provides complete live production capabilities.

  • 3D graphics, still images, transitions, and virtual sets—all in a single compact box
  • Built-in live streaming at the push of a button.
  • No massive cabling or complex components that require configuration.
  • Deliver from a van, small studio, broadcast control room, backstage, blogger’s workspace.

Intuitive interface.


  1. LIVE DESKTOP MONITORS with integrated multi-view monitoring, let you arrange and select shots with confidence. View all switcher sources at full field rate with advanced alpha channel preview in the TriCaster 450 EXTREME model―and audio level overlays.
  2. NETWORK INPUTS let you go wireless with breakthrough Apple® AirPlay® support. Deliver video and audio from iOS devices, such as iPad®, iPod®, or iPhone®, into your live production. Or bring in displays from your PC or Mac®, using NewTek iVGA™ technology.
  3. LOOK-AHEAD PREVIEW MONITOR displays your upcoming video output. Prepare multi-layered effects, preview the output as it will appear live, and then switch with confidence.
  4. PROGRAM MONITOR shows the current video output of your live production, and lets you see what your audience sees. Access controls for record and stream functions, configure your video output, and more.
  5. ONE-BUTTON RECORDING captures content from your live production at full resolution (up to 1080p). TriCaster 450 EXTREME records up to four individual sources, simultaneously, in formats of your choosing, including QuickTime®, H.264, AVI and MPEG-2, using NewTek IsoCorder™ multi-track, multi-format video recording technology.
  6. ONE-BUTTON INTERNET STREAMING allows you to use Adobe® Flash® or Microsoft® Windows Media® to deliver a full, HD live stream directly to the Web, with simultaneous archive for later viewing, and support for multi-bitrate streaming profiles. The Streaming Profile Manager includes an integrated browser to make configuration, import and previewing of your Web streams quicker and easier than you thought possible. Save and manage all of your settings for instant access at a later date.
  7. LIVE PRODUCTION SWITCHER gives you control over all 14 channels, including four external video sources, four virtual mix/effect-style channels, two DDRs, two external network inputs, graphics channel, frame buffer and black. Custom names can be added to switcher sources.
  8. UTILITY ROW makes it easy to assign sources to the Effects (FX) bus, downstream key (DSK) channels, and auxiliary (AUX) output. Utility Delegate controls let you use the Utility Row to apply selections to individual or multiple delegates, simultaneously.
  9. UTILITY DELEGATE lets you set the Utility Row to send video and graphics to the FX bus, DSKs and/or AUX output. Delegates currently affected by Utility Row selections are highlighted, while sources currently assigned are displayed for easy reference.
  10. VIRTUAL INPUTS are powerful virtual mix/effect-style channels that let you assign complex switcher effects to one button. Each TriCaster 450 series system includes four, fully customizable Virtual Inputs, each with multiple presets.
  11. TRANSITION CONTROLS let you transition individual or multiple video layers on and off screen. Select the Transition Delegate button of the desired video layer(s), then use manual or auto controls to perform single-source transitions, or switch from one multi-source composition to another.
  12. TRANSITIONS allow you to use more than 200 broadcast-quality effects to add interest and impact to your live production. TriCaster 450 EXTREME also supports full-color, animation store transitions with embedded audio. Create your own custom animation store transitions from up to 32-bit image sequences, using the integrated Animation Store Creator 2.0.
  13. HD LIVE VIRTUAL SETS let you achieve the look of a network-style studio in a limited space, using innovative NewTek LiveSet™ technology. Instantly select close-up, medium, medium-wide and wide angle shots, or perform smooth, animated zooms - without moving the camera. Sets include double-box effects and options for seated or standing presentations.
  14. VIRTUAL INPUT CONTROLS let you select two primary switcher sources, create a mix/effect-style composition, and use an additional source as an overlay. Configure virtual sets, layer live elements, set upstream picture-in-picture effects, and more.
  15. DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYERS include two DDRs for video playback, a graphics store, and a sound player, making it easy to add video clips, music, images, and more, including clips captured during a live event, for immediate playback. HD and SD resolutions are supported in a variety of popular file formats, with adjustable audio level settings for every clip.
  16. LIVE TITLES give your production a network-style finish. Bring in graphics, titles, and animated overlays to layer on your live video, lock a title or bug to a camera or Virtual Input, and set the in and out motion for each. Title pages can be edited, even when displayed live.
  17. MULTI-CHANNEL AUDIO MIXER gives you control over microphones, line inputs and clip playback levels, with audio-follows-video support and auxiliary routing to integrate an external audio setup. TriCaster 450 EXTREME includes the ability to group audio sources to follow video and route sub-mixes. Every audio input and output also includes a seven-band equalizer and compressor/limiter to deliver the best possible sound, with enhanced audio crossfade.

TriCaster 450 Series System Diagram

Switcher Channels


Video Input

4 simultaneous inputs

  • HD-SDI, HD Component, SD-SDI, SD Component, Y/C (BNC) or Composite
  • HD-SDI video conforms to SMPTE 292M and SD video conforms to SMPTE 259M and ITU-R BT.656

M/E-bus-style Virtual Inputs

4 independent mix/effect-style channels, each with presets, dedicated upsteram overlay channel with transition control, and independent source effects: positioning, scaling, cropping and 3D rotation

Network Inputs

2 live sources, any combination of:

  • Computer displays mirrored via NewTek iVGA™ technology
  • iTunes and wireless iOS devices via Apple® AirPlay® from any supported app, including audio, photos and video

Media Players

4 integrated digital media players with presets, alpha channel and adjustable audio levels per clip: 2 DDRs, Graphics and Sounds

Video Output

2 simultaneous outputs

  • HD-SDI, HD Component, SD-SDI, SD Component, Y/C (BNC), or Composite
  • HDMI, DVI and VGA output for monitors and/or projector

Output sources include Program and AUX (configurable for Program, Program clean, Preview, any input, Effects, any frame store, alpha out)


  • Full HD recording of Program or AUX output in all resolutions up to 1080p
  • MPEG-2 (normal and high profile); MP3
  • Adjustable audio headroom

TriCaster 450 EXTREME

  • ISO recording of any live input or output with IsoCorder™
  • Multi-track, multi-format video recording capability
  • Native HD up to 4 simultaneous channels in all resolutions
  • Source per channel: Program output, AUX output or camera inputs
  • Format per channel: MPEG-2 (high and normal profiles), QuickTime® , H.264, AVI or MP3

Live Streaming

Full HD live streaming in resolutions up to 720p (16:9 aspect ratio), with simultaneous archive
Streaming Profile Manager with integrated Web browser to manage or view streams, and access online CDN accounts

Audio Input

  • 4 SDI Embedded
  • 3 x 2 Balanced 1/4" (Mic/Line)
  • 1 x 2 Balanced XLR (Mic/Line)
  • Analog Audio Levels conform to SMPTE RP-155
  • Phantom Power Support

TriCaster 450 EXTREME

  • Seven-band equalizer and full stereo compressor/limiter per output
  • Sources can be grouped and routed to multiple buses
  • Digital audio time-base synchronizers

Audio Output

  • 2 SDI Embedded
  • 1 x 2 Balanced XLR
  • 1 x 2 Balanced 1/4" (AUX)
  • 1 Stereo 1/4” (Phones)

TriCaster 450 EXTREME

  • Seven-band equalizer and full stereo compressor/limiter per output

Video Processing

32-bit Floating Point

Audio Processing

4 channels, 96 kHz
32-bit Floating Point

Supported Formats

NTSC model: 1080/30p, 1080/24p, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 720/30p, 720/24p, 480/60i
Multi-Standard model: NTSC-J; PAL 1080/25p, 1080/50i, 720/50p, 720/25p, 576/25i

Source Mixing

Mix HD/SD resolution and 16:9/4:3 aspect ratios

Recording Capacity

~ 20 Hours 1080i (~40 hours EXTREME)
1 trayless SATA III removable drive bay with hot-swap support for unlimited storage and backup

Supported Stream Types

  • Adobe® Flash® to Flash media server connections
  • Microsoft® Windows Media® Push/Pull
  • Support for most common stream profiles
  • Support for custom multi-bitrate streaming profiles

TriCaster 450 EXTREME

  • Adobe Flash through browser based plug-ins

Network Connection

1 Gigabit connection for network inputs and streaming output

Transition Effects
(EXTREME exclusive)

Animated transitions with full-color, embedded overlay, audio and alpha channel on all 7 effects channels
Animation Store Creator 2.0 applications for creating custom animation transitions, with support for image sequences up to 32-bit

Virtual Input Overlay

  • 1 per channel, upstream with keying, transitions, and independent effects: positioning, scaling, cropping and 3D rotation

TriCaster 450 EXTREME

  • Animation store transitions with embedded audio and alpha channel

Live Virtual Sets

20 HD live virtual sets (24 for EXTREME), with multiple camera angles, animated zoom, real-time reflections and specular highlights


  • Dual downstream keys (DSK) with matting, transitions, and independent effects: positioning, scaling, cropping and 3D rotation

TriCaster 450 EXTREME

  • Animation store transitions with embedded audio and alpha channel

Preview Monitors

  • Full field rate displays
  • Program, Look-Ahead Preview, and source windows configurable for All Monitors, External Monitors, Internal Monitors, and Preview Scopes
  • Embedded audio VU meter overlays that show/hide automatically with sound
  • Adjustable source and switcher group monitor panes

TriCaster 450 EXTREME

  • Alpha channel preview with transparency checkerboard background pattern

Multi-View Monitor Output

Configurable for All Monitors, External Monitors, Internal Monitors, Program, Preview, Effects, Preview/Program, and Waveform/Vectorscope

Projector Output

16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio, up to 1920 x 1080 resolution

Integrated Character Generator

LiveText™ 2

Integrated Nonlinear Editor

SpeedEDIT™ 2

Playback Media Formats

Movie files: AVI, DV, DVCPro, DVCProHD, FLV, F4V, H.263, H.264, MOV, MKV, MJPEG, MPEG (1,2 in all profiles, program or transport streams), MP4, WMV, WebM, and more
Image formats: PSD, PNG, TGA, BMP, JPEG, EXR, RAW, TIF, and more
Audio files: AIFF, MP3, WAV and more

Import media application for batch copying with optional transcoding of files (including Apple ProRes) onto TriCaster

Export Media Formats

Export media application for batch copying with optional transcoding of files to compatible formats for different applications and devices

Media types: AVI, DV, DVCPro, DVD, H.264, MOV, MPEG-2, MJPEG, MP4, WebM and more
Presets for external NLEs: Adobe Premiere®, Avid® Media Composer®, Apple Final Cut Pro®, and more
Presets for mobile platforms: Android®, iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch® and more

Video Ingest


Signal Monitoring

  • Integrated Waveform and Vectorscope
  • Full field rate displays with color preview
  • Support for ITU-R Rec. 601 and 709 standards

(EXTREME exclusive)

External LTC timecode input


DB15 connector for 4 PGM row tally lights

Power Supply



Multi-tiered software fail-safe (audio and video)

TriCaster 450 EXTREME
Multi-tiered hardware and software fail-safe (audio and video)

Form Factor

2U Rack Mount


19 x 3.5 x 22.5 (in)
48.3 x 8.9 x 57.2 (cm)


28 lbs (12.7 kg)

Accessory Options

TriCaster 450 CS
TriCaster 850 TW
TriCaster Virtual Set Editor (VSE)
Also compatible with TriCaster 850 CS, TriCaster LC-11 and TriCaster TimeWarp™

Specifications subject to change without notice. Some restrictions on formats and bitrates might apply.

14-Channel, Multi-Camera Production

You’re the master of every production: Go from zero to live with up to four cameras. Add digital media from four built-in players and two network sources for sharing computer displays or wireless iOS devices. Four M/E-style virtual inputs to stage live virtual sets or create custom picture effects and presets. All of which add up to the quintessential live-show combination for starting out, breaking out, or adding on.

Flexible Fit.

You have a major show to produce and stream from a minor amount of space: The TriCaster 450 series has vast turnkey capabilities without a monolithic footprint. Create a small workspace with room to spare. Integrate into an existing studio; slide into a tight space at school, the garage, or a storage room. Replicate your signature look across other programs, suites and vans, or add to your current switcher, affordably multiplying its channels, capabilities and visual appeal―upstream or downstream. tc450 rear


Your events require you to hit the ground running—every time: Produce a network-quality show from places you’ve never been able to before. Make the most of just 2U of rack space in a production vehicle or other space. Expand the horizon of your live production comfort zone with a new freedom of movement not possible with racks of individual components pieced together.

All-Purpose Operation.

You meet every need. It’s just what you do: This is what it’s like to say yes to every request. Switching. Encoding. Streaming. Keying. Graphics. Playback. This is a six-input, two-output system design that hits the sweet spot for taking on productions of every proportion. Opportunity is banging the door down.

Creative Freedom.

To you, looks are everything: Let nothing stand in the way of getting the look you want or the professional presentation your organization demands. Multi-layered video compositing and motion effects. Fully-integrated virtual set system. Custom graphics creation. Develop a signature style or change it up. The choice is yours.

Stunning Studio Sets and Backgrounds.

Your production calls for serious branding and a major TV station setting: Raise eyebrows and the profile of your show. You can get a totally branded, network-style studio environment without the high cost or construction. Broadcast live from a multi-angle virtual set. Complement your presentation with double-box effects, custom graphics, and more.

Live Streaming Video. Simultaneously Recorded.

You deliver your program to multiple destinations: You can, when both Web streaming and program recording are built right into your production operation. Maximize online views with support for multi-bitrate streaming profiles, and even access online CDN accounts and view streams in real time with a built-in Web browser. Without missing a beat, record the entire program in the background for uploading, later viewing, archiving, or disk.

With TriCaster 450 EXTREME:

Multi-Track Iso-Recording.

You plan to use footage from all your individual camera feeds: Innovative IsoCorder™ technology combines the capabilities of racks and racks of video capture equipment, enhancing the EXTREME system with a built-in, real-time ISO recording system, accessible directly from the TriCaster user interface. Multi-track, multi-format recording of up to four simultaneous channels lets you record your entire show, select footage from any camera, and more. Handle it all at full resolution to meet your most challenging post-production demands.

Animated Video Effects.

Your production involves an array of smoothly flowing elements: You need full-color, motion video effects with alpha channel and embedded audio. Moving from shot to shot requires continuity and a style that makes an impression on your audience. Choose from a variety of animated transitions, or create your own custom effects using the included Animation Store Creator application.