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Standard networking. Exponential power.

IT starts here.

As the leader in IP video, NewTek pioneered hybrid IT production switchers a decade ago with the introduction of TriCaster®, harnessing the untapped processing power of commercially available computer technology to make professional video more affordable. Today, our systems are leading the way for broadcasters and video facilities to bridge their transition to IP-based workflows.

The power of n.

Our groundbreaking Network Device Interface is the foundation of NewTek’s Advanced IP Workflow. Anyone can implement NDI to make devices available as video sources or destinations over a LAN, using our sophisticated encoding and communication methods that provide unsurpassed efficiency over standard networking bandwidth.

Countless sources.

With NewTek’s Advanced IP Workflow, producers can receive and switch any video source enabled on the LAN—with an exponential twist: our “network effect” also recognizes the video sources connected to other production switchers too. Multiply creativity to include more sources. Wherever they are.

Inputs everywhere.

Location and distance are no longer obstacles. You don’t have to directly attach devices, wrangle cables when changing locations, or sacrifice sources for limited hardware inputs. You can even borrow inputs from other switchers in the facility and switch them from a different location, all over the network.

Pristine quality.

Our native encoding process, perfected over years of developing IT-based production systems, delivers any resolution and format as low-latency, frame-accurate video virtually indiscernible from the signal viewed directly from the camera.

Standard networks.

Unlike expensive, dual-10Gbps Ethernet networks typical of many emerging IP architectures, a standard GigE LAN infrastructure is all that’s needed to accommodate NewTek’s efficient, live IP video workflow. Do more productions, save more money.

Try it first in TriCaster.

The first step in enabling your existing production for the IP future is already here. TriCaster customers who upgrade to TriCaster Advanced Edition software enabled with NDI unlock IP connectivity for each existing camera input (and gain four new IP inputs) to grow any production immediately. What’s more, now you can see and switch inputs and outputs from any other updated TriCaster—and other compatible developer solutions—on your network.


Do more than level the playing field.
Sports video production at a price that leaves the competition behind.

NewTek’s sports production solutions provide everything that teams, leagues, schools, and broadcasters need for complete on-air, live streaming, and in-venue sports production at any level, while meeting network standards for powerhouse visuals and real-time performance.

  • Produce a world-class fan experience. Dedicated replay with scores of built-in capabilities like dramatic slow motion and visual effects previously accessible only by top-tier networks.
  • Capture the action—anywhere. The right sized integrated production system can go wherever the game happens, without sacrificing capabilities.
  • Monetize multi-branded programs. Feed fan frenzies on nearly any device. Customize multiple outputs for any network ID or sponsor brand.
  • Smash price-performance barriers. A single multi-camera video production system incorporates every part of the production workflow at a game-changing price.
  • Connect any source, anywhere. Design your sports productions based on the best, most exciting programs for your fans, not cabling or facility restrictions.

The real-world thrill of live sports production.

See how Harvard Athletics achieves production at a professional standard with NewTek.

Learn why the Professional Squash Association selected NewTek 3Play® to influence the sport.

Sports Video Resource Guides

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Build an all-star sports production solution.

Instant Multi-Camera Replay

Allow your fans to relive the biggest plays of the game—from every vantage point with built-in instant and slow motion replay from every angle and speed at your fingertips.

Mobile Production

Keep up with constant relocation out in the field, or be ready to pick up a new game at a moment’s notice with no-compromise portable turnkey solutions.

Game Discussion

Use Skype to provide new perspectives for your audience with player and sideline interviews and call-in guests at broadcast quality.

Social Interaction

Make fans everywhere part of the game with instant publishing to social media, and the capabilities to include social conversations live on-screen and in-arena throughout the game.

Stat-Driven Graphics

Update your custom templates and graphics with all of the up-to-the-second live stats and game info your audience craves.

In-Game Highlights

Maintain an explosive in-game energy with ready-made highlight reels available at a moment’s notice.

Engaging Fan Visuals

Find new ways to keep more eyes on the action with NewTek NDI Telestrator and incorporate creative and post effects from the Adobe® Creative Cloud® into your live show with software add-ons.

Great corporate video doesn’t have to consume your budget.
Done right, it can make—and save—you money.

Video is big business, and it’s big in business. Whether you’re an ambitious startup taking on video marketing or a multinational enterprise training employees around the world, multi-camera video production can have a substantial impact on your business. Today, creating an in-house production studio is easier and more affordable than ever. And, it can do so much more than most companies ever imagine—while boosting your bottom line.

  • Tell your story your way. Create the content you envision, manage your message, market your products and services, and save money by bringing production and delivery in-house.
  • Train employees, anywhere. Keep your people up-to-date on any—and every—subject with engaging on-demand or real-time video training.
  • Re-think the all-hands meeting. Live stream your meetings to deliver your message across the company, across borders, and across boundaries in real time.
  • Achieve remarkable reach. Take your video marketing to a whole new level with the capability to produce for anything from social media to corporate channels.
All-hands meetings
Product demos
Sales training
Skills development
Global conferences
Thought leadership

Real world results of real-time video.

See how EMC’s small crew delivers huge results with in-house production.

Watch the clip to see how Marel uses video to increase employee engagement.

Corporate Video Resource Guides

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Take your videos—and your business—further.

Real-Time & On-Demand Distance Learning
Capture, create, and deliver live training sessions with studio-quality results to in-person and online audiences. And record and upload videos for on-demand training that can be accessed anytime.

Next-Generation Sales Demos
Use video to launch your next product. With more compelling content and more opportunities to interact with your audience, you’ll dramatically increase engagement with online demos and announcements—while minimizing the costs of on-site demos.

Townhall Meetings of Any Scale
Eliminate the expense of flying in key staffers or special guests. Simply produce and live stream your all-hands meetings—no matter the size—quickly and easily with in-house production, virtual sets, graphics, and the ability to stream, record, and share instantly.

Setup, Support, & Service
Need some help getting started? NewTek Professional Services will consult on workflow design, specific production challenges, and instruct you on getting the most out of your video production investment.

It's time to put video to work for your business.
Awesome results. No experience required.

Taking corporate video production in-house and online has never been easier. With NewTek systems, anyone can do it. Adding just two basic elements — multiple camera angles and real-time mixing — opens up countless opportunities across almost every part of your business. For example:

  • You'll be able to offer more compelling product demos to customers and prospects, no matter where they are
  • Your training programs will become more memorable, faster to update, and easier to access
  • Your marketing communications will gain greater engagement
  • You'll make events and product launches appear larger than life
  • And best of all, bringing even a single outsourced video in-house will lower your costs

From producing simple webcasts to creating an in-house television studio, the options are endless.

Discover the multi-camera advantage.

Multi-camera video production with NewTek systems offers overwhelming advantages compared to either basic single-camcorder DIY options or high-end outsourced post-production. You can:

  • Get professional television-quality results from your own office
  • Mix seamlessly between presenters, locations, and sources, delivering greater energy and engagement
  • Reduce filming time — no going back for cut-aways, re-shoots, re-lighting, or digitizing hours of footage
  • Get the fastest, most cost-effective editing possible — all in real time

Real-time or on-demand — you choose.

By using NewTek’s broadcast-style, multi-camera production systems in your enterprise, you'll open up more opportunities for corporate video communications across your entire business. You'll be able to:

  • Stream content live to anyone with an internet connection
  • Display on large screens for local audiences at the same time
  • Bring in presenters from multiple locations simultaneously
  • Send live or recorded video programs to digital signage
  • Make content available to watch live or download on demand
  • Take videos public on sharing sites or keep them private on your intranet
  • Get the flexibility you need

Complete video production with NewTek

NewTek already works with 81% of the Fortune 100—including:


Discover businesses taking video to the next level.

Watch the clip to see how IGN uses video to deliver breaking news to their fans.

Watch the clip to see how Marel uses video to increase employee engagement.

Discover more with our free resources.
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Training transformed:
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Complete video production with NewTek

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