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Explore new opportunities for external control, driving up to 2x24 different GPI signals using the JLCooper eBOX GPI system. GPI commands can be freely inserted into TriCaster macros, allowing external GPI events to be triggered by TriCaster operations.

Advanced native control of Vizrt Trio graphics systems to select and display CG pages, perform animations and more via macros. Combine operations between NewTek solutions and Vizrt Trio for sophisticated live production workflows with centralized control.

Direct integration between TriCaster and 3Play enables cross-platform commands and automation (via macros) for remote operation of select 3Play functions. Build custom command programs and consolidate control between TriCaster and 3Play - reducing the number of operators required, and simplifying sophisticated, multi-system workflows.

Access and playback files written to SAN and shared drives by TriCaster and 3Play systems on the same network - without having to import and host locally - to enhance facility integration and streamline workflows.

More intuitive management of upstream routers, with an improved workflow for higher input counts and enhanced command support for input labeling and automation.