TriCaster VT[5] iVGA Performance

Can I display video content from iVGA; are there limitations to the video playback ?

Yes, iVGA can play video from a multimedia-capable computer or laptop.

The quality depends on two factors: available bandwidth across the network and the processing power of the external computer graphics card. NewTek has found AGP cards like the nVidia 5200 and 5700 to be powerful enough to play back smooth video.

While using iVGA and Media Shout, my graphics lock up after a few seconds; why?

iVGA uses the Windows direct draw functions, which causes this behavior in Mediashout. This is a software issue that must be fixed within Mediashout, unfortunately.

Can iVGA work on a wireless connection?

802.11b (11mb) will only provide acceptable results for stills at lower resolutions. 802.11g (54mb) will do MUCH better, but there will still be some latency. Wired will obviously provide the best results.

I have iVGA running on a client computer that has to traverse several routers in the building; how do I do this?

On each router that the iVGA signal is passing through, make sure to configure the routers to pass UDP port 5901 and TCP port 5902.

Will iVGA run on my computer?

NewTek iVGA will run on any Windows XP or Windows 2000 computer. It will not run under Windows 98 or Windows NT. Much of its processing is on the graphics card, so computers with older graphics cards that use shared memory may perform sluggishly, which will be noticeable on video or animations across the network. The only difference is that the iVGA icon on a 2000 desktop will look like a solid color instead of color bars (something to do with how Windows showed their desktop icons). Regardless of the icon color, the code will work on both operating systems