TriCaster 850 Series

Market leaders know that growing and retaining viewer mindshare—and increasing ad revenue, sponsorships, subscriptions, and other opportunities—depends on delivering quality programming. Live or on-demand. On-site, at home, on the Web, or via mobile.

Right out of the box, TriCaster 850 systems are complete, integrated solution for delivering big live productions in native, full-resolution HD. With a fully loaded, 24-channel switcher, plus additional video, text, graphics, animations, and virtual sets, the TriCaster 850 series makes productions shine and meets tough demands to produce the best in a highly competitive marketplace.

  • Volumes of signature looks that make each program distinct.
  • Higher-capacity media storage to accommodate a high volume of project work.
  • The flexibility to go from show to show to show, adding new camera angles along the way – up to eight, for the most sophisticated programs.
  • Built-in live streaming at the push of a button.
  • Stream, record, project and broadcast—all at the same time—so you can meet viewers on their own turf.