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Real-Time DSK Overlays

3Play 4800 now supports a fully independent downstream key (DSK) overlay on each of the two primary output channels, complete with positioning, scaling, cropping and alpha channel. Each DSK can be configured to layer any live camera, clip-angle preview, buffer, network input or the opposite output over live video or playback.


Access pre-produced video, motion graphics, titles, bugs and animated effects for use in overlays, with watch folder functionality to edit and update in real time over the network.


Display Ports

The dual VGA display ports on the rear panel are now active to supply auxiliary output feeds to local monitors or projectors, expanding user workspace and on-site viewing options.

External Monitor Color Control

Each 3Play 4800 display port has individually configurable color controls to make adjustments to the image appearing on a downstream display device – without affecting the color characteristics of the output signal assigned to it.

Official Review

Picture-in-Picture Playback Overlay

Replay the action from two synchronized angles – simultaneously – on a single output channel using the DSK overlay. Position, scale and crop the camera angle assigned to the overlay for comprehensive, frame-by-frame analysis of the play under review.

Game Clock Overlay

Synchronize the action to actual game time by dedicating a live camera to recording the game clock and assigning the angle to a DSK overlay. The clock camera can be layered over the playback angle for visual reference, and freely positioned, scaled and cropped at any time so the overlay doesn’t obstruct the official’s view of the action.


Automatic Color Matching

Overcome changing lighting conditions and camera variety in multi-camera sports productions with automatic color correction. With this option enabled, 3Play 4800 will dynamically and automatically adjust video inputs to current lighting conditions and camera settings, matching color characteristics to a specific camera or mean characteristics of all incoming signals.

Advanced Color Correction and Shading

Manually adjust color characteristics of every incoming video signal with advanced color correction and shading settings to achieve a desired look for your production.


3Play 4800 now includes undo and redo commands for the Clips List and Play List so you can easily reverse or restore an action if you happen to make a mistake or change your mind in the heat of the moment.

Single Pane Lists View

Optionally consolidate the dedicated Clips List and Play List panes to a single pane to make better use of your screen space and optimize your workflow


Router Support

Expand broadcast integration and make more live cameras available with support for and control of upstream external video routers manufactured by AJA, Blackmagic Design, Ensemble Designs, Miranda, Utah Scientific and brands supporting Grass Valley Native Protocol.

Network Inputs

3Play 4800 now supports network video sources as DSK overlay selections, enabling the system to access NewTek LiveText, networked PCs, iOS devices and compatible third-party partner solutions connected to the same local network. Display graphics, integrate telestrator applications, supply additional content, extend the number of video sources, and more.

Scoreboard Data Feed

Pair 3Play 4800 with NewTek LiveText or compatible third-party partner solutions to feed real-time scoreboard information like the score, clock, statistics and sport-specific data into on-screen graphics.


3Play 4800 now accepts tally display over a local network from TriCaster (with the appropriate software version installed) or other compatible downstream systems (via NewTek video SDK).

Developer SDK

Full support for the NewTek video SDK program provides third-party developers with access to 3Play technologies and add-on architecture to extend system capabilities and establish new workflow solutions.

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