Make commonly used series of commands automatic, or just simplify complex ones. Record a sequence of operations as a macro event, then trigger with a mouse click, keystroke, or MIDI button press.

MIDI Support

Make automation of your production even easier or breakout control tasks to additional crew with 3Play’s extensive MIDI support. Add one or any number of MIDI devices that fit your application and budget, assign macros to controller buttons, and provide dedicated control over 3Play operations – even combining commands with a TriCaster on the network or meshing them with other live elements like sound, lighting, effects and more.

Advanced Media Protocol (AMP) Support

Seamless integration with third-party products supporting Advanced Media Protocol (AMP), enabling compatible systems to issue commands to 3Play 4800 and providing for more fluid and sophisticated workflows.

TriCaster Cross-Platform Control

Connect TriCaster and 3Play to the same local network to enable remote operation of 3Play clip cueing and playback from the TriCaster interface, and consolidate control by combining macro commands that trigger operations across both platforms.