TriCaster VT[5] Hardware Troubleshooting

Why does my LiveSet flash on program out?

If you are getting brief flashes of preview on your program output while utilizing VT[5] LiveSets, possible culprits could be insufficient bandwidth between memory and processor(s), known as the front-side bus, disk throughput, or if there is an application using too many CPU or memory cycles (such as a LightWave scene rendering in the background).

Use of NewTek LiveSet requires at least 800Mhz front side bus.

If your green-screen sources are playing from a hard drive, and youre experiencing flashing output, you may need to play them from a faster drive.

How can I play back system audio through my VT[5] card?

This answer assumes you want your computer to play back sound from other applications through the VT card.

If this is the case, the preferred solution to support this would be to use a second sound card and patch the audio output from that into the VT card (SX8).

Given that cards that do this are incredibly cheap - less than $30 - it should work well, and keep you actual "production" and "computer" audio separated.

The reason that NewTek does not recommend that you run your computer sound through the VT card itself is that this causes the VT[5] audio drivers to be launched and connected to any running windows application even when you do something as routine as clicking on a file in Windows Explorer; given that a live switching system is meant to have high reliability this is something that it is likely better to avoid ... and indeed why VT[5] defaults to not using the audio output.

Now, if given all of the above you still wish to achieve this, and make it work like VT[4] did, simply re-install your VT[5] software and in the installer select "custom" and install the legacy drivers.