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Does LightWave have a game level map exporter?

A Map Exporter is available by Greenbriar Studio and available for download at

Realistically, how long is the learning curve with your program?

The learning curve may vary from a couple of days to a couple of months depending on your needs and use of the program. We do have a wide array of free online video and written tutorials located at

Will LightWave support multiple processors?

Yes, LightWave will support multiple processors.

What 3D scanners work with LightWave?

NewTek does not recommend a specific 3D scanner. Whatever scanner or digitizer you purchase needs to be able to save files in a format LightWave can read, such as .lwo or .dxf.

Why can I not play the LightWave tutorials?

If you are not getting any joy on playback of the LightWave video tutorials then you may want to download the VideoLAN VLC Media Player as it plays almost any format.

What is the LightWave warranty?

The NewTek Warranties and Return Policy is available at