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Five days. 50+ matches a day. Only one winning team. Nike’s #RiskEverything four-a-side soccer tournament delivers non-stop fast-and-furious action.

It brings together some of the hungriest, most talented, most socially-connected teenagers to do battle in a specially constructed arena. And it offered the organizers the perfect opportunity to deliver an unbeatable experience both on the pitch and right across social media.

To do this, local event organizers, XYZ and production company, Chuffed turned to NewTek. Hooking up two roving camera crews and five GoPro cameras to a TriCaster 8000 and 3Play 4800, they were able to:

  • Capture all the action no matter how fast
  • Show instant broadcast-quality slow motion replays
  • Edit on the fly eliminating post-production lag
  • Automatically post links to Facebook and Twitter
  • Send the players links to their own moments of fame so they could share them with their social networks

The result? An unbeatable tournament experience with unparalleled reach.

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Why NewTek Solutions?

NewTek solutions allow you to deliver World Cup-style coverage – regardless of budget size. With superior quality and an enriched experience, you can keep up with the technology used by national sports networks, attract more headliners to your venue, and expand sponsorship opportunities for new revenue streams.

If you are a large, facility-class organization, you can slash your replay and slow motion equipment costs (in some cases by more than 60%). And, even the smallest production teams can enter the field of industry-standard slow motion and instant replay capabilities, without the price-performance barrier.