Certified Operator Directory

Here, you can find contact information and verify the certification status of a specific individual or search for certified operators. The purpose of this directory is to help certified operators and those who need them to find each other. It is not to be used for marketing or other purposes.
If you have obtained Certified Operator status and your contact information is missing (or if you'd like it removed from the Directory), email certification@newtek.com.

Authorized Trainers

Name Home State  
Brett Beanan Nevada  
Jose Burgos New York  
Mitch Jacobson New York  

Certified Operators

NewTek does not endorse or claim that any of the individuals found in the Directory are qualified for a particular task, nor does NewTek guarantee that using an individual from the Directory will cause a particular production to be successful. NewTek assumes no liability for the use of an individual found in the Directory for any purpose. Certified Operators are not employees of, nor under the control or contract of NewTek. An operator who has passed a Certification Exam is deemed to have a minimum proficiency with that product.