TriCaster STUDIO - Interface


  1. LIVE PRODUCTION INTERFACE allows you to control an entire multi-camera production. Connect multiple cameras (up to six), microphones and audio sources, and take your production live with the power to simultaneously broadcast, live stream, project and record.
  2. LIVE DESKTOP MONITORS let you set and select shots with confidence. Displays include live cameras, internal media sources and an external network source (PC and Mac® displays supported through NewTek iVGA™ technology). TriCaster STUDIO includes 6-camera shared preview and 3-camera ISO preview modes, and supports16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio.
  3. PROGRAM AND PREVIEW MONITORS show the current and upcoming video output of your live production. Waveform and vectorscope displays are also selectable for view in the Preview monitor.
  4. LIVE VIRTUAL SETS allow you to achieve the look of expansive, professional sets in limited space, using innovative NewTek LiveSet™ technology. Instantly select close-up, medium, medium-wide and wide angle shots, without moving the camera. Sets also include double box effects and options for seated and standing presentations.
  5. LIVE PRODUCTION SWITCHER gives you total control over all sources, including live video inputs, an external network input, two DDRs, a text channel for graphics, color background and black.
  6. TRANSITION CONTROLS give you the tools to add interest and impact to your live production. Choose from more than 200 broadcast-quality effects to transition from shot to shot automatically, or use the on-screen T-bar for a smooth, manual transition.
  7. PRODUCTION CONTROL PANEL offers a variety of elements to take your live production to the next level. Build DDR playlists with your choice of media clips and images. Edit or add new titles. Create basic color backgrounds. Setup video inputs and modify settings. Enable LiveMatte keying. Access live virtual sets and double-box effects. Configure external network sources and displays. Manage recording and streaming options.
  8. OVERLAY PANEL lets you enhance any presentation with additional network-style elements. Add live titles, graphics with alpha channel, or animated overlays. Create picture-in-picture effects. And more.
  9. MULTI-CHANNEL AUDIO MIXER provides complete control over microphones, line inputs and clip playback levels. TriCaster STUDIO offers simple and advanced audio configuration for delivering the best sound possible.
  10. ONE-BUTTON RECORDING simultaneously captures your live production to the internal drive. TriCaster STUDIO can record up to 20 hours of standard definition (SD) video.
  11. ONE-BUTTON INTERNET STREAMING allows you to use Adobe® Flash® or Microsoft® Windows Media® to deliver a live video stream directly to the Web, with simultaneous archive for later viewing.