TriCaster System Requirements

Will iVGA work with Windows 2000?

Yes, iVGA will run on both Windows 2000 and XP. The only difference is that the iVGA icon on a 2000 desktop will look like a solid color instead of color bars (something to do with how Windows shows their desktop icons). Regardless of the icon color, the code will work on both operating systems.

What are TriCaster Audio specifications?

  • Full scale (0 dBFS) = 5.6V P-P = +5.93 dBV.
  • Maximum input level is 5.25V P-P (+5.37 dBV)
  • Maximum output level is 4.85V P-P(+4.68 dBV)
  • Nominal input/output level .9V P-P (-10dbV)
  • Headroom (Max output level - nominal level) 14.68 dBV
  • TriCaster audio input can reach levels up to .56 dB below full scale, and TriCaster audio output can reach up to 1.25 dB below full scale.

TriCaster now records in MPEG-2, but is that high enough quality for broadcast?

There seems to be many misconceptions about MPEG-2. One of them is that MPEG-2 quality is somehow equivalent to "DVD quality". This is absolutely 100% not the case.

MPEG-2 is a compression format that has a very wide degree of possible quality levels. A typical fixed bit-rate of a rental DVD is about 5 Megabits per second, and keeps that data rate fixed, while varying the quality of output, depending on how much motion there is in the scene. On the other hand, NewTek MPEG-2 files are 30+Megabits per second and while the bit rate may vary, the priority is maintaining the highest possible quality.

In practice TriCaster files are not even similar in nature to what a DVD does because TriCaster does not use motion compensation (inter-frame compression) which causes the typical background blockiness of DVDs. In effect TriCaster is doing MJPEG inside an MPEG-2 wrapper so that it can be read by the majority of different NLEs out there.

What is the power consumption of TriCaster?

It varies between models, but TriCaster STUDIO consumes 90 watts of power, which generates 307 BTUs per hour.

What is the Warranty for TriCaster?

The NewTek Warranties and Return Policy is available here.

Is there a competitive upgrade from TriCaster to 3Play?

While TriCaster is a portable live switcher, 3Play is a dedicated slow motion/replay device, and not a part of the TriCaster family, so there is no upgrade path between them.

What is the audio bit-rate of TriCaster SDI embedded audio?

HD embedded audio is 24-bit, and SD embedded audio is 20 bit, per SMPTE specifications.

What is the entry-level TriCaster?

The entry-level model is TriCaster STUDIO, a 10-channel, standard definition (SD) switcher with six external inputs, network-quality live virtual sets, audio mixing, titling, editing and more. TriCaster STUDIO delivers your live program simultaneously to video, projector and the web.