TriCaster Tips & Tricks - General

How can I stop TriCaster from launching when I turn it on?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Hold Shift before TriCaster's splash screen comes up. If you do this soon enough then TriCaster will not boot and will go straight to Admin mode.
  2. This is the more permanent solution. Go to Start > All Programs > Startup, right-click on the Startup folder and choose Open All Users.

In the folder that comes up you may remove the Launch TriCaster shortcut by either deleting it, or moving it to the desktop.

Now whenever TriCaster boots it should go straight to Admin mode and not into the TriCaster UI.

I'm using Final Cut Express and can't open the .mpg files that my TriCaster recorded.

Download the QuickTime Extensions and you should be able to load them in.

How do you play the recorded avi files from TriCaster on another system?

If you recorded the clip in the Live Production tab using the Record Live Output you will want to install the TriCaster Utilities on your other editing system to get the files to play with our codec.

How do I get PowerPoint into my TriCaster?

You can do this two different ways. First would be using iVGA with the two systems networked together.

Second would be to have the signal coverted to a analog signal and bringing it in either yc\composite.

How can I tell what version software TriCaster is running?

You can tell the software version in a couple ways:

On the Live Production tab, look at the Record and Stream buttons. If they are round, you are running 1.0. If they are square, then you are running 2.x

In the about menu, look at the product ID that is in the bottom right(the one that is not scrolling). If it begins with 07 then it is 1.0 if it has 08 then you are on 2.0 if it has 09 then you are on 2.5.

If it does say 09 you may still need to install the QuickTime patch for your TriCaster at

Are there any tutorial videos for TriCaster?

Yes, they are located at

Are there solutions to my problems playing TriCaster MPEG-2 clips in Final Cut Pro?

In order to play MPEG-2 files on FinalCutPro, or with the Mac in general you need to have the "QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component for Mac OS X" installed on your system. This component ships with FinalCutPro as standard and so from a clean install you should be able to work with NewTek MPEG-2 files.

Unfortunately, if you download a QuickTime update from the web, it will replace your entire QuickTime install and so the MPEG-2 playback component is no longer available and files will not play. The solution that Apple recommends for this problem is to use your account on the Apple store to download the plugin for the new version of QuickTime and install it manually.

There are three limitations of the "QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component for Mac OS X" that one should be aware of:

  1. Unfortunately, QuickTime does not support high profile MPEG-2 files, and you will need to use the "normal profile" files as the TriCaster recording format. For all normal use there will be almost no perceptible difference between normal and high profile MPEG-2 files. Both far exceed the quality of competing formats, such as DV.
  2. Embedded audio. It is a limitation of FinalCut support that it cannot read the audio embedded within an MPEG-2 file. For this reason, TriCaster writes out an MP3 file that you can lock to the video file for editing purposes.
  3. Unfortunately FinalCut does not tag MPEG-2 files as "an optimized file format" and so for areas of your timeline where there are transitions or effects, you might need to render before you can get ideal playback.

For more information about MPEG-2 support in QuickTime, please visit