TriCaster Troubleshooting - Performance

Boot device has changed - BIOS warning

Q: When I (re)started TriCaster, it said that the boot device has changed. What causes that?

A: One known cause is if you booted TriCaster with a USB drive plugged in when powering up, and TriCaster attempts to load the operating system from this drive.

The solution is to go into the BIOS (by tapping Delete during boot-up) and then go to Advanced BIOS and change the Hard Disk Boot Priority by ensuring the system hard drive (likely with a machine identification of ‘ST’ and numbers following) is listed as device number one.

Then, press F10 to save the BIOS setting and press ‘Y’ to confirm the change and re-start TriCaster.

Can TriCaster record to external hard drives?

Yes, but be sure that any external drives used are formatted for NTFS filesystem. Off the shelf drives are all FAT32, which will cause problems recording video clips longer than 2 Gigabytes.

Why won't my saved PNG files not show transparency?

If you are making png files for overlay in VT[4] or TriCaster, you must ensure you are saving them as 24-bit png files. An 8-bit png file does not contain any transparency information.

Why does my TriCaster have noice across the bottom of the monitors?

If you see noise across the bottom edge of the camera monitors, your TriCaster may have been set to operate in PAL mode, when it should be NTSC. Contact NewTek Technical Support for assistance.

Why am I unable to push a stream out of TriCaster?

If you are pushing then make sure there are no packet shaper units on the network.

Traffic shaping (also known as "packet shaping") is an attempt to control computer network traffic in order to optimize or guarantee performance, low latency, and/or bandwidth by delaying packets.

My input audio is low; how can I boost audio levels into TriCaster?

There are several ways:

  1. Put in a strong enough signal so that when sliders are at the default position, the nominal level is 0 on the VU meter, with peak levels between 0 VU and the top of the VU scale.
  2. Next, if the audio cannot be brought in at this level (weak source), use the variable gain control to bring the level up while leaving the other volume sliders at the default positions. This will amplify the audio signal in hardware before it reaches the audio codec.
  3. Use an audio amplifier ahead of the TC inputs in order to boost the signal before coming into the TC. This obviously is not convenient, but from a technical standpoint it is better than the last option.
  4. Raise the input sliders, knobs, etc above the default (zero software gain leve) as a last resort to bring the audio up on the VU meter to the desired range. This should be 'ok' as long as you can get that input audio level to register in the VU meter with peaks rising above the 0 VU mark. Keep in mind that this last option also amplifies any noise in your audio cabling.

Is there a delay in TriCaster?

TriCasters delay from live input to live output is approximately two frames. Audio and video, as long as they are synchronized when input into TriCaster, should remain synchronized while producing and on live output.

Why does video captured with TriCaster 300 look soft when played in DDR?

By popular request, the DDR performs motion stabilization when clips are paused or stopped. Video with motion in it will appear quite sharp during playback, but may look a little softer when stopped.

Is there latency when switching with TriCaster 300?

Yes there is some unavoidable latency. With genlocked sources, you guarantee that latency will not change, allowing you to keep it at the lowest latency if it is set it up correctly.

Assuming genlocked sources, latency should be between 1.5 and 2.5 frames.

Keep in mind that external devices will add to that. Projectors can add anywhere from 2 to 3 frames, newer video cameras are creating 2 frames of delay, and LCDs also have at least 2 frames of delay.

Can I display video content from iVGA? Are there limitations to the video playback?

Yes, iVGA can play video from a multimedia-capable computer or laptop. The quality depends on two factors: available bandwidth across the network and the processing power of the external computers graphics card. NewTek has found AGP cards like the nVidia 5200 and 5700 to be powerful enough.