TriCaster Troubleshooting - Third Party

Who can host my TriCaster webcast?

“I've been streaming 1/2 hour video programs since '97, and gone back and forth with a number of providers. My typical load is around 1,000 viewers a day. For more than a year now, I've been using a dedicated server from It's a small company leasing rack space from a very large data center (run part time by a guy that works at the center.) Uptime, and service and bandwidth have all been nothing short of fantastic.”

-Bill Mills, Warpig

This is a service provider with a long history with NewTek, and provides sterling service at great rates.

While using iVGA and Media Shout, my graphics lock up after a few seconds. Why?

iVGA uses Windows’ direct draw functions, which causes this behavior in Mediashout. This is a software issue that must be fixed within Mediashout, unfortunately.

How do I forward a port a router?

Note: Your results will vary depending on your router but this will at least get you moving in the right direction.

1. On TriCaster go Start>Run>ipconfig
2. Write down the IP number for the Tri-Caster ie..192.168.0.X
3. Close TriCaster and open Internet Explorer.
4. Type in address bar (the last number may also be a zero).

The router cofiguration screen should open.

5. You are looking for PortForwarding, enter range 80 start 80 end Protocol TCP the the 3caster ip.

You should have an Add then go back and select Protocol UDP and Add.

6. Save and restart

Why do the TriCaster captured clips show up in Final Cut Pro at 640x480?

Do not let Final Cut Viewer or Canvas confuse you - the clips really are captured in full video res (720x480 in NTSC).

For some unknown reason Final Cut Pro does not display the proper resolution, until you tell it the aspect ratio:

1. Click on the clip in the Browser.
2. Hit Command - 9.
3. Check the box that says Anamorphic.
4. Close the window.
5. Double click the clip to load it into the viewer.

How do I prepare a TriCaster clip on my Apple with embedded alpha channel?

Click on Final Cut’s File menu and choose Send To > Compressor (Compressor will open automatically). Select your encoder setting as follows:

1. Inside Compressor, click on the Settings tab (in the bottom left panel)
2. Find the Program Stream setting from the Apple/Formats/Mpeg-2 folder
3. Drag this setting and drop it onto your Sequence

Set your destination setting as follows:

1. Click on the Destinations tab (in the bottom left panel)
2. Drag the destination of your choice onto your job item
3. Click Submit.