TriCaster SpeedEDIT Software Usage

Does the SpeedHQ codec work in other applications?

Yes, it should work in your other applications, it is a standard Windows codec.

What is the difference between the speedHQ and NT25 codecs?

Both NT25 and SpeedHQ are 4:2:2 codecs with very good compression.

SpeedHQ offers:

  • Even better image quality
  • Smaller file size
  • An 8 bit Alpha channel

SpeedHQ is the replacement for NT25, but SpeedEDIT includes NT25 for backwards compatibility.

How do I output to an external monitor?

There are several options:

  1. Realtime DV output over 1394 to a converter box or suitable camera/deck with pass through capability.
  2. Realtime HDV preview over 1394 to a converter box or suitable camera/deck with pass through capability.
  3. DVI connection from the video card to an HD monitor.

Note: The options do require higher system specifications than previewing in a a small output window on screen.

Can SpeedEDIT export one frame?

The "Render Still" function in the "File" menu exports the currently displayed frame as a still image in any of several image formats.

The shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-M.

Can SpeedEDIT display my HDV previews on a monitor?

Absolutely. Here's how:

  • Put the camera in VCR mode HDV cameras normally have a setting for Auto, HDV or DV recording.
  • Set to HDV if you want the HDV preview so that Windows sees an HDV camera.
  • Set to DV if you want a DV preview.
  • Go to SpeedEDIT Prefs and enable 1394 preview.
  • Below that, set your standard, PAL or NTSC (which is only needed for HDV cameras because DV already tells us what standard it is)

·Press Play on SpeedEDIT

Why does HDV capture in SpeedEDIT require Audo Chop?

Given the variable nature of MPEG-2 I-frames in HDV material, Auto Chop assures that every clip will have a proper end-frame.

What is the best way to access my Sony EX1 clips for editing?

Thanks to Jennie Lehman for this tip:

  • Put your SxS card in card reader.
  • Open Explore (right click on the Start button). Do this twice so you have two windows open. Create a new folder for your MP4 media.
  • Right Click on the BPVA folder in the reader drive and open Search.
  • Type in *MP4 and search.
  • Copy all MP4 files to your new media folder.

Start editing in Speed Edit. SpeedEDIT will edit raw MP4 files.

Do not use the Sony Clip Browser that comes with your EX1. It complicates things by creating individual folders for each clip, requiring extensive time to open each folder and retrieve one clip one at a time.

Following the shortcut above, you can copy all the MP4 clips to a single folder.

What is the difference between HDV and HD?

The principal difference is that HDV is a file format, while HD is a video format. (HDV is to HD as paper is to a picture).

The HDV file format is based on MPEG-2. HDV 1080i uses a recording data rate of 25 Megabits per second or 3.125 Megabytes per second. HDV 720p records at 19.7 Megabits per second or 2.46 Megabytes per second. In both cases the data rate is constant.

HD format does not define a specified codec, so you can use other codecs that use lower compression ratios, but need more bandwidth and storage capacity for better video quality.