TriCaster VT[5] Troubleshooting Performance

Can I run VT [4] on Windows 2000 or should I upgrade to XP Pro?

It is strongly recommended that you run VT on XP Pro and not Windows 2000. There are a number of known issues that we simply cannot fix in W2K since Microsoft have not updated some of their device drivers that ship with Win 2k, the most serious of which is a Blue Screen Of Death when DV output is enabled. It is likely that future versions might not even run on Win 2K, since MS currently does not plan on back-porting WinFX, which we are likely to use in the future.

Why is my VT[4] computer not working?

When your computer starts acting completely crazy, you may be seeing a hardware failure. When it is hardware, computer repair techs say they check three things first:

  • A fan has failed, and something's overheating
  • A bad stick of RAM
  • Corrupted hard drive

NewTek says the video latency is three frames, but why is it much higher than that on my large screen?

Each manufacturer—heck, various models within a manufacturer’s lineup—uses different scaling chips on their products. Most projectors under $5K have a $30 (bulk price) scaling processor included. The reason is simple: computer content reigns supreme in projection. The video I/O is included because the manufacturers know that every so often a video device will be used.

Only the higher-end models really put much processing into the video scaling engine. The big boy—Barco, Christie Digital, NEC and Digital Projection—3 chip DLP projectors put a lot more money into their video processing. A few good quality (typically $8K-15K) LCD/DLP projectors will put the extra processing into their video inputs.

When I load in images or graphics from a CD, why does VT-Edit only display black on the timeline?

Because a CD is read-only, and it cannot create the thumbnail files. Copy them over to a hard drive.

Why is my VT-Edit audio files will begin conforming, but then stop halfway through; what would cause this

If deleting the audio-peak files in the NewTek Info subfolder does not allow conforming to complete, then this may be caused by a failing hard drive. Go into disk administrator to see if any of the video drives in the stripe set report being at risk.

Why does my VT[4] crash when I try to archive my web stream?

If you are using a Parhelia APVe graphics card, Matrox has confirmed there’s a bug with Windows Media Encoder that causes this. You may consider switching to an nVidia-based graphics card, or contact Matrox to see if it has been fixed yet.

Why are keyframes getting added on top of each other in spline view?

It could be that you have a still that you have dragged out in the timeline. This is seen as slowing it down, not lengthening the number of frames used. Shift-drag out a picture to increase frame count.

Why are particular images crashing VT[4] build 6016 when I try to load them?

NewTek has confirmed a bug relating to specific image sizes. If you attempt to load an image that is either 1186x828 or 675x936 pixels, it will cause VT[4] to crash.

You can resize these images by even one pixel to correct this.

Why don't I hear audio when I scrub the clip in VT-Edit's Timeline?

You need to change a Preference setting:

Editing > General > Motion Removal When Jogging needs to be set to Enabled and then audio will scrub.

Why does my live video input go black?

If you have upgraded your system from VT[3] to VT[4], but continue using the SX-8 switcher breakout, you may notice a switcher input go black.

This is caused by using the older audio connections between the SX-8 and the VT[4] card. You must use a triple-shielded VGA connector (DB15-to-DB15) from the SX-8 audio connector to the VT[4] expansion slot's 'audio' connector.

The re-design of the VT[4] card uses this connector for both audio and video signals.

Problem communicating with the VT[4] drivers

If, during launch of VT[4], you get the message, "There has been a problem communicating with the VT[4] drivers..." the likely cause is the hardware is not being detected by the system, and is unable to initialize the card.

Some things to try include:

  • Power off computer and re-seat the VT[4] card
  • remove the card and clean the contacts along the bottom, re-seat the card and restart the system
  • Run Reset configs from the VT[4] utilities Start menu

If those yield no joy, contact NewTek technical support, as there may be hardware malfunctioning.

Will my VT[4] work with the latest QuickTime?

There is a known issue QuickTime 7.6.4 interfering with VT[4] operability. As VT[4] was last updated Q3 2005, there is no software update to resolve this.

The solution is to install QuickTime version 7.6.2.