TriCaster VT[5] Troubleshooting SDI

Why is my SDI card affecting the other PCI hardware?

If you have either below symptoms with your NewTek SDI card, you should contact tech support:

  • The SDI card in a 66Mhz slot forces the bus down to 33Mhz
  • The audio output is seen as 44.1Khz instead of 48.Khz

There is a modification available to remedy this.

How would I be able to preview the embedded audio on SDI before I hit record?

In order to preview the embedded audio, you must purchase an audio splitter.

Are either the SX-SDI or SDI card capable of outputting a four channel?

No, both the SX-SDI and SDI card are only capable of outputting stereo 20-bit 48kHz AES/EBU digital audio.