TriCaster STUDIO LiveSet

Can I have two keys at the same time with TriCaster STUDIO?

Yes, you can independently have two different keys! Now, they won't both be downstream. One is DSK, the other upstream:

The corner bug could be assigned to the camera on the upstream effects bus.

Here's the trick: If you feed an alpha-enabled graphic into LiveSet Constructor as a foreground element, but choose NONE for the background, then it gets added as a bug in the Scene drop-down list on the Input setup tab.

You can then activate that 'effect' and it is completely independent of either VCR still running a scroll, crawl or motion lower-third.

Do we have the right to use all TriCaster STUDIO virtual sets and sound files publicly?

Yes, you may use all TriCaster STUDIO virtual sets and sound files publicly.

I just created a LiveSet on another computer. Where do I save it on my TriCaster?

If you use the free LiveSet Constructor or want to import a new LiveSet, save your files here:

C:\tricaster\user settings\default user\vsfx\