3Play Frequently Asked Questions

3Play Hardware Specifications

What are the dimensions of the 3Play unit?

Dimensions vary by model. Please see the Tech Specs pages for dimensions

3Play Software Troubleshooting

My audio input is hooked up but I cannot hear any output.

If Video Connection is "SDI" but no valid video source is connected, neither digital nor analog audio will be heard for that input.

Started up my 3Play and I get an error that "No OS" can be found.

Start (or restart) the 3Play. When it starts to boot press Delete key to get into Bios Settings. Go to Boot and set the 1st Boot Device as [RAID:Intel 3Play]. This will allow the 3Play to use the main drive as the bootable drive.

Also check under Main to make sure that Storage Configuration is set to [Raid].

When using my 3Play I get choppy audio during Live playback.

Check to see that any inputs that are not being use are set to an analog source such as Composite, Y/C, or Component.

3Play System Requirements Pre-Sale

Is there a competitive upgrade from TriCaster to 3Play?

While TriCaster is a portable live switcher, 3Play is a dedicated slow motion replay device, and not a part of the TriCaster family. So, there is no upgrade path between them.