ProTek advantages

Get the ProTek Advantage

NewTek takes great care of its customers. ProTek takes it a step beyond basic service by offering a way for you to get NewTek-provided priority service beyond the warranty period. It enhances your support experience - every step of the way.

  • Expect great service.
    Get the best possible service, first and fast. With ProTek coverage, you're part of a select group of customers whose needs are our first priority. Every ProTek Elite customer gets the white-glove treatment by their local Elite Service Provider. ProTek Care customers are serviced by NewTek directly where your calls and emails are answered first. ProTek gives you priority access to the people who can answer your questions, help you with configuration, and walk you through solutions, step by step. And if disaster should strike and your NewTek product needs repair, ProTek guarantees that within three to five days of receiving your product, whether repaired or replaced, it will be on its way back to you -- overnight!
  • Expand your coverage.
    Having a ProTek plan for your production equipment means continuous priority coverage and peace of mind. For some, the standard warranty is all they need. For customers with important production needs on the line however, having access to manufacturer-provided service and support, when you need it, is an integral part of owning and using a product. You can renew ProTek each year, well beyond the date you purchased the product, and your investment in ProTek coverage can even be carried over to a new owner.
  • Like having a spare.
    The best way to ensure continuous operation of any piece of gear is to have a spare on hand in a production world where anything can happen. But what if you have multiple products in mission-critical use? ProTek offers the very next best thing: access to one of the speediest replacement programs around. If your ProTek-covered product needs to be back in service immediately, you can get a replacement shipped right to your doorstep the very next day for a nominal handling fee. Your original product, along with whatever issue it was having, goes back to NewTek and you can forget about it and get on with your work.

  • Get help on your schedule.
    ProTek customer calls get answered long after NewTek's standard support hours end, and you have exclusive access to Senior Support Analysts who are ready to take your calls until Midnight ET, each day. Your productions don't stop at 8 PM, and now, neither does your help-line.

ProTek is available in the U.S. for 3Play and TriCaster purchases except in HI, MT, and OR. Other exclusions apply.