Virtual Set Editor 2.5 - System Requirements

Mesmerize your viewers with a professional virtual studio, created and customized by you. When you're equipped with Virtual Set Editor 2, the built-in Animation Store Creator, and dual licenses, you have the tools to set your shows apart and wow your audiences. Replace a cramped production space, or create a million dollar studio for a fraction of the cost. Give every program a distinct look quickly and easily, and extend your signature look—from a single program to an entire network.

System Requirements
Virtual Set Editor 2 includes one license for standalone installation and one license for TriCaster installation.

Minimum Workstation Requirements for Standalone Installation
64-bit Windows 7 or Windows Vista® operating system (OS)
DirectX® 11 NVidia GPU with 1GB graphics memory or better
4GB RAM or better
5GB available hard drive space
1200 x 800 display

Please note that VSE 2 is not currently supported by Apple® Mac® operating systems, nor Mac computers with Windows OS installed.

TriCaster Installation Specifications

  • TriCaster XD model required for installation
  • Animation Store Creator application will not be accessible on TriCaster models that do not support Animation Store transitions
  • Support for holographic sets, TransWarp effects and animation buffers varies by model
  • Sets and effects can be exported as executable installer files (.exe), shared and uploaded to any compatible TriCaster model

Select features and capabilities may be limited depending on your TriCaster model. For more information, visit the Virtual Set Editor Feature Support page.