Level the playing field for dramatic live production.

With 3Play 425, local producers can deliver high-impact sports and events that grow an audience, while visually branding their shows just like the major leagues and networks. Instant replay, dramatic slow motion, and real-time highlights production are available at your fingertips with this practical, powerfully efficient system.

Enter the world of replay (and beyond) with:

  • The most professional instant replay system available for under $10k
  • 4-camera capture, 2-channel delivery to feed video boards or broadcast
  • Seamless mixing of live video with assets from your media library
  • Capabilities for slow-motion playback

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Relive the game-changing moments.

Deliver it all—real-time highlights, slow motion, instant replay, and more—from multiple angles and at a fraction of the cost.

Connect up 4 live sources

Multi-speed playback (0%–100%)


Big Look for Local Sports

Hitting the six-channel "sweet spot" for sports producers with four cameras in and two fully independent channels out, 3Play 425 gets you the professional, multi-camera replay coverage for which you've been aiming.

Show-Stopping Slow Motion

Give fans more of what they want to see: network-style, dramatic plays in smooth, interpolated slow motion. Break down highlights or analyze pivotal moments frame by frame and with incredible detail.

Space-saving 2U form factor


In-Game Highlights

Don't wait to replay the shining moments. Build highlight reels or sponsor blocks at breakneck speed for on-command instant replay to fill timeouts or lead into a break.

Capture Every Angle

Take on additional productions sans a time out, with simultaneous ISO recording of up to 4 live sources, plus 40 hours of recording capacity. Repurpose all of your captured footage for additional post-game coverage and review.

Optional control surface



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Welcome to the world of live event replay with 3Play 425.


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