Stellar creative capabilities for mid-sized productions.

The most complete sports production solution sized for mobile, 3Play 440 provides regional broadcasters, colleges and conferences, trucks, and mid-size venues with greater creative freedom to produce events with spectacular slow motion, instant replay, in-game highlights, and social media sharing. Take local events directly to the video board—or to audiences anywhere.

Deliver more than instant replay with:

  • 4-camera capture, 2-channel delivery for advanced production of mid-sized events
  • Built-in overlay and effects engine, reduces need for external graphics
  • Entire suite of sports capabilities built in, eliminating expense for extra production equipment and reducing crew costs, space, and resources
  • Up to 75% cost reduction vs. traditional replay systems
  • Compact 2RU rackmount form factor

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Super-sized shows for mid-sized games.

Serve your audience the most creative, high-energy sports and event productions in the arena or wherever they are watching.

Connect 4 live video sources

Scoreboard integration with live data


Recording Capacity

Protect every media asset and simplify post-production editing with simultaneous ISO recording of up to 4 live video sources. Save to the internal 3TB drive, or prep for quick transport by backing up to the removable 3TB media drive.

Visuals that Impress

Any video, graphic, animation, effect, replay, or camera feed—or any live source brought in over the network—can be keyed over in full motion and positioned, scaled, and cropped to create the highest-impact visuals.

Removable drive bay

Built-in software and hardware fail-safe protection


Multi-Angle Switching

Keep all the action right in front of you and the audience, with built-in multi-view monitoring, preview, and switching of every live video source and captured content channel—from either the UI or the controller.

Show-Stopping Motion Control

Use your existing HD and SD cameras for the most pristine slow motion replay, with a breakthrough super-high-performance algorithm, plus T-Bar and jog-wheel control of playback from nearly a standstill to double speed, backward and forward.

Multi-speed playback
(0%–100% or -200%–200%)


Social Sports

One-touch publishing directly to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube lets your branded content gain more exposure while growing your fan base to the largest online communities.


Product One-Sheet

Learn how to deliver your events to wider audiences with 3Play 440.


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