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Greenscreen and Virtual Sets Tutorial with the NewTek TriCaster Mini

March 25, 2015 by Chuck Baker

Streaming Media Producer brings you a look by Jan Ozer at what the TriCaster Mini green-screen and virtual set capabilities can add to your productions.  Sponsored by, the tutorial gives a thorough introduction to the TriCaster Mini, and then demonstrates using one of the built-in virtual sets with a $30 green-screen setup to make give your show the glitz of a much larger and more expensive studio set than you’ve actually got, or could ever afford.

The steps needed to make sure you get the a great key, properly position the talent with the easy positioning controls, as well as how to animate the camera are all clearly and concisely covered with text, photos and video.

See the full tutorial at Streaming Media Producer

For more information on Live Production and Streaming (click here).

For more information on NewTek TriCaster Mini (click here).


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