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How to Restore Your TriCaster®

May 21, 2019 by Richard Evans, video; Chuck Baker, text


If something goes wrong with the TriCaster® or operating system software on the operating system hard drive, a restore partition allows the user to reformat the main hard drive and restore the OS and TriCaster to factory defaults. That’s good news, but there is more: TriCaster’s workflow is designed so that your media and project data are all on your media drives, so you lose none of your work and preferences if you need to do such a restore.

Richard Evans takes us through the three ways that a restore can be accomplished:

  • From Administrator Mode in the TriCaster software
  • From Windows System Properties panel, Advanced Options tab, Startup and Recovery options Boot setting
  • Using F8 while the system is powering up to interrupt and set the boot options

Once the factory default software is restored, you will want to get your TriCaster software back to current with a trip to the NewTek Downloads and Documentation site.

We hope this video has been helpful for you. If you have suggestions for other topics you would like covered in a Facebook Live or 2-Minute Tutorial, please send us a message. We will see you next time.

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