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NewTek TriCaster Pro Series Macro Tutorial

May 25, 2016 by Chuck Baker

TriCaster’s macros take a complex sequence of events and effects and make them into an easy one-button operation at production time, something that gives a technical director a lot of extra leverage for making live productions into lively, compelling television. These command sequences can be assigned to various devices, including buttons on the control surface, keys on the TriCaster keyboard, and external devices networked or otherwise connected to the TriCaster.

For many internet video producers, they need the extra leverage because they are both the onscreen talent and the TD at the same time. TriCaster’s automation gives them the capabilities they need to carry this dual role off successfully. Stephen Heywood of TheTechBuzz makes use of this in his live productions for the popular YouTube channel, and in this video shows how to create macros and assign them to an attached device, in this case a Launchpad S.

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