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PTZOptics: Live Drone Footage with TriCaster

December 08, 2015 by Chuck Baker

Adding a live aerial shot from an outdoor performance or sporting event can really kick up the cool factor on your live stream for your viewers. Paul and Andy from PTZOptics describe how to capture live footage with a drone and bring it into TriCaster.  They note this was a “fun example of putting together multiple technologies,” and we agree!



  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional flying camera with DJI Remote controller (DJI Lightbridge technology sends full-time HD video stream to controller via 2.4GHz signal)
  • Compatible mobile device for use with DJI remote controller, with appropriate USB-to-device cable
  • DJI Go App for your mobile device, installed
  • DJI HDMI Output Module for Phantom 3 Professional (connect this to DJI Remote Controller per DJI instructions)
  • HavaVision HDMI to HD-SDI converter (connect this to DJI HDMI Output Module via HDMI cable)
  • 100-ft HD-SDI cable run from HavaVision converter to TriCaster
  • TriCaster 460
  • PTZOptics 12X-SDI camera in studio See the story and video on PTZOptics Blog: NewTek TriCaster with Live Drone Footage

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