Previous Product Updates and Downloads

The software downloads, below, are provided for use by TriCaster, 3Play, and VT owners only. NewTek does not represent that these downloads are suitable for any specific purpose or use. Most downloads are applicable to specific products running specific versions only and should not be installed on products or versions to which the user does not have license. Many of these require purchase of product and an existing license, after installation, in order to be used. First-party codecs and utilities are provided for use with NewTek products. Attempting to use these downloads in ways other than specified will result in loss of data and require servicing of your system. If you have any questions please contact Customer Support before proceeding.


          3Play 820

          3Play 330


          TriCaster 855

           TriCaster 850

           TriCaster 850 Extreme

          TriCaster 455

           TriCaster 450

           TriCaster 450 Extreme

          TriCaster 300

           TriCaster Studio

           TriCaster Broadcast

           TriCaster Duo

           TriCaster Pro



          VT 5

          VT 4

          VT 3

Virtual Set Editor