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Visual Mastery

Mix Effects

Carve your path of creativity across eight mix effects buses, each intuitively supporting sub-mixing, layering, compositing, and live virtual set configuration. Between source rows and key layers, each M/E bus enables layering of up to 8 video elements, all with independent DVE controls. All M/E buses include separate processing which delivers color correction, chroma and luma keying. Combined with video re-entry of each M/E on every M/E, and the ability to store and recall nine variations of each bus configuration, you have unlimited creative potential for visual storytelling.

Animated Compositions

Produce incredibly sophisticated compositions, DVE motion sequences, squeezebacks, and animated effects with a powerful full-motion composition engine integrated into every production bus. Supporting advanced configuration, positioning, keyframing, and transitions, the ‘COMP' engine captures and stores any and every operation and action you perform into a versatile snapshot preset system, enabling you to size, move, and manipulate video with ease—and at will.

Video Layering

Present your content in almost infinite ways and capitalize on branding and sponsorship opportunities, stacking layer after layer after layer of video and graphic elements to arrange your primary mix, sub-mixes, and other mix effects. And with full-time, full-motion confidence monitors for each background and overlay element integrated into the user interface, directors and operators are assured that the right visuals are displayed at the right time—every time.

Video Tools

Act on ideas that span the entire spectrum of creative expression, pouring your imagination into sophisticated compositions and effects, or making subtle adjustments that have substantial impact. Customize even the most fundamental elements of your production with fully configurable color correction tools, 3D object positioning, smooth-edge cropping, and optional borders. Combine your choice of foreground and background elements together with extensive key and fill support. And introduce countless creative possibilities to your toolbox with real-time motion tracking.

High Quality Matte Generation

Generate crisp, clean, layered effects with powerful LiveMatteTM real-time chromakeying technology built into every source channel and M/E bus. With independent key configuration, advanced settings, including luma key, and integrated waveform and vectorscope monitors, getting an exceptionally spectacular key for countless composite scenes and live virtual set applications takes nothing more than a green screen and standard lighting.

Virtual Sets

Set the stage for your production, transforming any location into an elaborate virtual environment. With integrated LiveSetTM technology, you can composite live video sources into beautifully-rendered scenes that can include multiple angles, virtual camera movements, real-time reflections, specular highlights, and animated lens flares. And by applying augmented reality effects, you can introduce even more stunning depth and dimensionality, embedding video overlays into the 3D virtual space, producing striking real-time visuals that blur the line between virtual and reality.

Comprehensive Functionality

4K Ultra HD

Present your audience with an immersive viewing experience defined by amazing clarity and incredible detail, producing programs, performances, events, and live sports in true 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution. Supporting direct input and output of native 2160p video at up to 60 frames per second, as well as scalable production workflows via network integration with NewTek NC1 conversion modules, the Video Mix Engine offers incredible flexibility for 4K UHD implementation. And unlike other products that promise 4K UHD, you can switch, stream, and record 4K UHD video without compromising the frame rate or the number of available inputs—meaning you have the capacity for 44 simultaneous, full-resolution 4K external video inputs to produce your program.


Maintain a constant watch over the array of inputs, outputs, and assets that comprise your production with scalable multi-source monitoring. The Video Mix Engine is equipped with dedicated multiviewer outputs to drive local displays, with configurable workspace layouts and viewports that allow directors and operators to customize the control environment to preference. Beyond centralizing, organizing, and observing your choice of video signals with tally, you can calibrate monitor color characteristics and optionally display visuals such as audio VU meters, production clocks, and waveform and vectorscope for comprehensive management of your live operations.

Multi-Format Processing

Standardize to a preferred signal workflow or adapt effortlessly to your particular infrastructure and available equipment inventory, freely intermixing formats, resolutions, and frame rates with robust multi-format video processing. With SDI I/O supporting resolutions up to 3G 1080p and an NDI-based IP workflow independent of specific technical criteria, you can work with established formats and emerging standards interchangeably.

Playback and Graphics

Load, cue, and roll file after file of multimedia to complement live action with multiple channels of integrated media playback. Supporting short-form and long-form video clips, images, graphics, animations, and audio tracks, the sheer number of media players at your fingertips provides endless creative opportunities from start to finish, including the ability to live edit compelling video sequences, dynamic image slideshows, and spectacular highlight sequences, complete with transitions and custom animated effects between assets.


Configure and capture multiple channels of video and audio from your program to fuel post-production workflows, facilitate collaborative creative projects, and archive produced content and ISO camera feeds for future use. With integrated IsoCorderTM technology supporting four independent QuickTime® archival recordings and up to eight distinct H.264 external NDI® recordings for distribution, plus flexible storage options, you can continue to get value from your content long after your live productions fade to black.


Stream live to your choice of new media platforms, including convenient presets for Facebook Live, Microsoft® Azure®, Twitch, YouTube Live, and more. With two independently configurable H.264 streaming encoders built into the Video Mix Engine, you can easily deliver platform-specific content to target audiences in resolutions up to 4K, while opening up new sponsorship and revenue opportunities.


A masterfully produced video program is incomplete without a rich, layered audio experience. Drive your production sound with analog, digital, and network audio connectivity and a robust, multi-source audio mixer supporting eight channels of audio on each input and output. And with a full array of audio DSPs available to configure sound with impeccable precision, every mix will strike a pitch-perfect chord with your audience.

Visionary Integration

Multi-Engine Workflow

Outfit your production environment with multiple Video Mix Engine systems to cascade capabilities for advanced creative applications, serve content creation needs across your network, or achieve the desired level of system redundancy. With the ability to link engines over IP and connect to multiple engines from a single NewTek IP Series 4-Stripe Control Panel, you can have universal access to production sources, outputs, and live operations throughout your infrastructure regardless of your physical location.


Explore virtually unlimited possibilities for configuration and control of your production with a comprehensive macro automation system. Record, store, edit, and automate frequently used settings, functions, and command sequences, triggering events manually with a single user action or automatically as specific live operations occur during your production. Automation can also be scaled and segmented by extending control to any number or combination of supported interfaces, including control panel keys, web-based interfaces, keyboard hotkeys, TCP/IP, GPI, MIDI, and X-keys.


Incorporate current, accurate statistics, results, time data, social media posts, and more directly into your production with integrated DataLink technology. DataLink allows you to map real-time data to text and image fields from internal and external sources including metadata, webpages, spreadsheets, scoreboards, databases, and RSS feeds, instantly populating or updating titles and graphics—automatically or on demand. DataLink can also be combined with automation capabilities to streamline live titling operations for graphics-intensive productions.

Crosspoint Control

Expand real-time, multi-screen and multi-feed production operations, managing video delivery to hardware and network destinations with twelve switchable crosspoints per Video Mix Engine. Mix and deliver four discrete produced outputs via SDI to downstream systems, devices, and displays, while simultaneously delivering to the network via NDI for remote access and use. And extend control even further, mixing and sending eight additional output signals over IP with a software-based 8 x 72 NDI video router.


Align seamlessly with external file-based workflows, moving video, audio, graphics, titles, animations, and images freely between platforms with optional transcoding for peak real-time performance. From batch import of pre-produced content—even in the background while a production is in progress—to live export of files from your production to social media, FTP, or storage volumes, the speed, efficiency, and flexibility of the multimedia capabilities at your command are unmatched.

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