NAB 2013

Exciting things are happening at our NAB Booth this year.

Our live product demonstrations seem like magic, but this is the real thing. Whether your business is in broadcast, sports, education, churches, or you are an entrepreneur - NewTek will have a live demonstration focused on a solution for your productions.

Live Streaming Multi-Camera Productions with TriCaster
Check out TriCaster 8000 - with all the production power of a fully equipped television production studio, including multi-camera mixing, graphics, video roll ins, virtual sets, special effects, live streaming, multi-channel recording, and more.

Get in the Game - Live Sports Production with NewTek TriCaster and 3Play
Learn how you can produce, broadcast and live stream sporting events around the world with NewTek products. Catch our multi-camera production and multi-channel instant replay solutions in action - for a complete, end-to-end workflow.

Plus, you can see the entire line of TriCaster and 3Play systems up close with personalized demos.

Beyond the Booth

Broadcast Minds - Internet content creators talk about what's next online.
On Wed. April 10th at 9AM, NewTek and NAB bring you Broadcast Minds – now an NAB General Session. Join us for a lively discussion on the future of television, moderated by Jim Louderback from Revision3. Panelists include Penn Jillete of Penn & Teller from Celebrity Apprentice, Shira Lazar from “What’s Trending,” and other industry leaders. 
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Dr. Andrew Cross, NewTek CTO - Broadcast Engineering Conference

Don’t miss hearing Dr. Andrew Cross share his insight on how social media and alternate screens are transforming how, when and where viewers are consuming broadcast content, during the SBE Ennes Workshop: Alternate Broadcast Delivery – How to Make it Work, on Sat. April 6th at 12:45PM.

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