Limited Time Savings on TriCaster® Mini and TriCaster Mini Bundles!



Save now on TriCaster Mini, the most complete, compact multimedia studio in the world.

Let TriCaster Mini Advanced with NDI® Technology take you to the world of IP Video, instantly.

- Real video production… No experience required.
You don’t have to be a video expert, own a studio, lug any complicated equipment around, or use expensive professional cameras to make great content quickly and stream it live in minutes.

- Most Complete.
Nowhere else will you find another solution that includes a complete suite of tools for creativity, control, and content publishing, all in one turnkey package.

- Hundreds of built-in capabilities.
Switching, streaming, recording, and publishing.

- Space-saving internal display for real-time video monitoring.

Save now with these Special Offers:

TriCaster Mini HD-4i & Bundle
Mini HD-4i - $6,995 MSRP* (reg. $7,995)
Mini HD-4i Bundle (w/ Mini CS & Case) - $8,995 MSRP* (reg. $9,995)

Special pricing on TriCaster Mini SDI & Bundle
Mini SDI - $7,995 MSRP* (reg. $9,995)
Mini SDI Bundle (w/ Mini CS & Case) - $9,995 MSRP* (reg. $11,995)

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* Promo pricing cannot be combined with trade-in credits, or any other promotional pricing on TriCaster Mini Advanced. All standard rules and restrictions apply. International pricing may vary. Offer ends March 22, 2019.

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