NewTek software is designed to help you get more out of your TriCaster® and 3Play systems, making your productions easier, faster, and more visually impressive.

TriCaster Advanced Edition

Take your productions to unprecedented levels of creativity, productivity and performance with more than 100 next-level capabilities that unlock your TriCaster’s potential and push your shows way beyond expectations.


NewTek Connect Pro

Multiply your sources—and connectivity options—with this multi-purpose software client that allows you to configure a host computer as a multi-channel video system for IP-based production workflows that accommodates up to 4 simultaneous video sources and supports NDI, ASPEN, SMPTE 2022, and select IP camera formats.

NewTek NDI for
Adobe Creative Cloud

Review and approve creative content from anywhere on your network, and incorporate full-resolution Adobe Creative Cloud projects into your live productions—directly from the timeline—with NewTek NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud.


NewTek IsoCorder Pro

Expand your multi-channel recording capabilities to capture more productions, media files, and raw footage. NewTek IsoCorder Pro records and encodes up to 16 sources in high-quality QuickTime format and includes 8-chanel audio control.

NewTek NDI Telestrator

Transform sports broadcasts and other live productions with real-time visual analysis, enhancing coverage and commentary with the ability to draw, diagram, and apply graphics to any NDI video source or still image.


NewTek NDI Transmit

Upgrade your video conferencing and communications. NewTek NDI Transmit makes NDI sources available for use with video-compatible 3rd party software that supports a webcam input, replacing low-quality webcam video with high-quality NDI video.


Virtual Set Editor

Build your dream studio for a fraction of the cost. With a simple setup, a few square feet of space, and Virtual Set Editor, you can virtually remodel any location into a spectacular professional set, place your talent in a 360° virtual environment that simulates a real location, and generate custom-branded animations and visual effects.



Transform any PC on your network into a dedicated titling station with LiveText remote titling software. Share the workload during live productions with standalone title creation and operation, choosing from hundreds of included templates or building your own custom designs, and incorporating real-time data like scores, statistics, and more.

Content Packs

Explore new creative possibilities with production-ready content packs. From sophisticated virtual studio environments to broadcast-quality sports graphics and professionally composed music beds and soundtracks, expanding your content library has never been faster or easier.

Virtual Sets

Turn your ordinary production area into a camera-ready, professional presentation space with live virtual sets. Get one or get them all—adding to your LiveSet inventory in TriCaster to use for your next program or importing into Virtual Set Editor to customize.


Set the tone for shows, segments, highlight reels, and video projects with soundtracks for TriCaster and 3Play. Find your signature theme, add energy and emotion to your production, and create a compelling audio-visual experience for your viewers.

Sports Graphics

Enhance the presentation of game broadcasts with sports graphics packs for TriCaster and LiveText. Choose from a variety of designs, customize templates to match team colors, add player photos, show stat lines, and more.

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