Show and tell.

Put your fingerprints on any NDI video source and introduce a whole new dimension to your commentary, analysis, and storytelling. With NewTek Telestrator, you can enhance productions, presentations, and video communications with real-time, on-screen illustrations that inform, educate, and entertain your audiences.


Illustrate. Communicate. Telestrate.

Draw, diagram, and apply graphics to any video source or still image available across the network, delivering to your production over IP from any compatible networked device—all in real time.

Live video, replays, photos, and more—any NDI video source can serve as your canvas. Touchscreen-friendly with professional paint and shape tools, and a variety of color and highlight options, NewTek Telestrator lets you analyze, present, and explain with precise detail.

Complement your content.

Take every opportunity to enhance your content. Emphasize important data, reinforce key concepts, and breakdown plays in the moment with the intuitive on-screen toolset provided. Whether you need the flexibility to sketch freehand in multiple colors, or you want to use standard shapes, lines, and arrows to tell your story, they are all available and easy to use with NewTek NDI Telestrator.

Ready at any moment.

Weather reports, instant replays, or sales forecasts…when NewTek NDI Telestrator runs on an NDI-enabled PC, telestration is immediately available over IP as a switchable source for production systems and other NDI-enabled devices on the network—with ultra-low latency—meaning your live viewers never miss the important information being shared by reporters, commentators, and speakers.

Deliver detailed on-screen analysis over IP with NewTek NDI Telestrator:

  • Broadcast-quality, near-zero latency signal delivery over IP via NDI to any compatible device on the network, including embedded alpha channel transparency
  • Responsive, user-friendly toolset supporting dynamic markup using a stylus, mouse, or fingertip
  • Selectable full-motion background video source, configurable for any NDI video source available on the network
  • Grab control for still image capture of current background video frame
  • 12-color paint palette, including color history for instant access to 3 most recent colors
  • Shape tools to draw filled and unfilled circles, ellipses, squares, and rectangles with 3 selectable stroke sizes
  • Draw solid or gradient straight lines and arrows
  • Optionally draw and diagram in highlight mode which enables telestration at 50% transparency
  • Selectively erase objects or clear the entire canvas with a single click
  • Independent visibility controls show or hide background video source, still image, and overlay
  • Support for image overlay for graphic identification or branding purposes

NewTek NDI Telestrator

Transform sports broadcasts and other live productions with real-time visual analysis, enhancing coverage and commentary with the ability to draw, diagram, and apply graphics to any NDI video source or still image.

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Minimum System Requirements:

  • 64-bit Microsoft® Windows 7 operating system (OS) or better
  • Intel i5 Sandy Bridge CPU or better
  • 4GB system memory
  • Gigabit connection or better
  • Display with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher

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Please be aware that NewTek NDI Telestrator Demo includes on-screen watermark on video output. For a version of the application without a watermark, please visit the
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