Increase communication, engagement and access with video. Affordable production solutions for government.

For national agencies, state governments and local communities, media outreach is essential to earning the trust and support of constituents. More than ever before, citizens are demanding to be informed, be heard and interact with officials. NewTek’s video solutions provide the platform for the modern administration to perform civic duties and address the important issues, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

  • Lead community involvement. Produce high-quality, television-style coverage of your entire calendar, from legislative sessions to local events, encouraging participation and engagement.
  • Prepare for emergencies. Be ready and able to deliver critical communication immediately with portable, professional equipment requiring minimal setup, coordination time, or technical prowess.
  • Control the message. Deliver public announcements with clarity and consistency, reinforcing positions with live statements, interviews, presentations, video clips, text, graphics, and more.
  • Raise constituency awareness. Empower citizens with live, on-demand, and social media access to current, accurate, and credible information, wherever they are, and on whatever devices they use.

More than video – a vital link between citizens and government.

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Enhance communication. Enable immediate access.

Public Programming

Cover town halls, hearings, meetings and work sessions, broadcasting and live streaming with IP-based video solutions supporting multi-camera switching, audio mixing, recording, titles, graphics, and more.

Mobile Production

Deliver live coverage, real-time information, and the latest development from the site of events or the scene of emergencies with solutions made for transport and remote use.

Remote Participation

Open the agenda up to any resident or representative with Skype and a smartphone or laptop, getting more voices up to the (virtual) microphone with professional-quality video calling.

Multi-Platform Media Outreach

Conduct more effective communication strategies, reaching more audiences and allowing viewers join the proceedings from wherever they are, using whichever device they choose.

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