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Enhancing your faith-based communications and worship experiences with video has never been easier. With NewTek systems, anyone can do it. Even adding just two basic elements — multiple camera angles and real-time mixing — opens up countless opportunities to engage members and new audiences. For example:

  • You’ll be able to offer more inspiring experiences with professional looking video content, graphics, and visual effects
  • You can live stream your services beyond your building and anyone, anywhere, on any device
  • You’ll attract new audiences through a wider reach
  • You can create a video archive for fundraising and other purposes
  • You can promote and document activities, special events and performances
  • And best of all, you can offer new ways for your members to learn, grow and serve in the ministry

From streaming simple worship services to broadcasting sophisticated stage productions, the options are endless.

Discover the multi-camera advantage.

Multi-camera video production with NewTek systems offers overwhelming advantages compared to either basic single-camcorder DIY options or complicated post-production. You can:

  • Get professional television-quality results, even with volunteers operating the equipment
  • Mix seamlessly between presenters, locations, and sources, delivering greater energy and engagement
  • Reduce filming time — no going back for cut-aways, re-shoots, re-lighting, or digitizing hours of footage
  • Get the fastest, most cost-effective editing possible — all in real time

Real-time or on-demand — you choose.

By using NewTek’s broadcast-style, multi-camera production systems in your house of worship, you’ll open up more opportunities for sharing your message, serving your congregation, and engaging your community. You’ll be able to:

  • Stream content live to anyone with an internet connection
  • Display on large screens for local audiences at the same time
  • Bring in presenters from multiple locations simultaneously
  • Send live or recorded video programs to digital signage
  • Make content available to watch live or download on demand
  • Share video directly to social media networks
  • Get the flexibility you need for your unique services and outreach

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