Operator Certification Program

Becoming a NewTek Certified Operator is important. Certification increases your confidence, as well as your credibility. It's also a very valuable attribute for your business. You’ll feel at ease and comfortable as an operator, doing whatever the production requires of you. The Exams are an opportunity to test your skills at creating a live production using NewTek products—prove to yourself that you have what it takes. Currently, we administer exams for the TriCaster Professional Line (410/460/860/8000v2), the TriCaster 40, and the 3Play 4800.


Obtaining Operator certification gives you many benefits and sets you apart from the pack. It gives producers and directors confidence that your skills meet the demands of today's fast-paced production environment and put you in high demand. If you have your own business, certification tells your clients and customers they'll get a high-quality production with you at the controls.

Benefits of certification include:
  • Get hired for better jobs, by proving you know your stuff
  • Differentiate yourself in the job pool
  • Generate more customer interest in your business and services
  • Be recognized by industry professionals
  • Become qualified to teach TriCaster and 3Play skills to others

If you are a producer, you want to know your operators can handle any task. Be sure to ask for "NewTek Certified Operators" in your job postings.

Benefits of hiring Certified Operators include:
  • Certified Operators have the competencies you need to get the job done
  • Certified Operators take an exam created by NewTek that is specifically designed to test operational knowledge
  • Produce live events with confidence, knowing you've got a quality production team at your disposal
  • Use the Certification to benchmark your employee and candidate's skills

Certified operators can be found all over the world. Search for a Certified Operator near your next live production.

Who should take an exam

If you've been working in live event production for years and have some experience with NewTek products, you may be ready to take an exam today. If your experience is more limited, but you've been through a school or training program that included significant experience operating the TriCaster or 3Play, you may also be ready to take an exam. Review the exam topics in the Study Guides to assess your level of knowledge in each of the areas and decide if you're ready. If you think you need more study or practice, a number of learning resources are available to increase your skills.

When you’re ready to take an exam, contact one of the many testing centers around the US to make an appointment. No prerequisites or specific training courses are required to take a Certification Exam. You will need an email account that you can access from a Web browser, such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.