Certification Exam Details

NewTek Certified Operator Exams are timed multiple choice and multiple response exams. Exams are proctored at numerous testing centers around the US. The test items are drawn randomly from a large bank of questions which are divided into skills and knowledge areas. For some questions, a description of the initial conditions for the question, and often an image, appears above the question. Read each question carefully, then pick the best response from those given. None of these are trick questions, but the available responses are not meant to describe the complete behavior of the product, only to test your knowledge of how the machine and a qualified operator work together to produce the best live production. To get the highest possible score, pick the best available answer.

A Practice Exam is provided to give you an idea of what the format of the actual exam is like, along with a sampling of the types of questions asked. The Practice Exam is not intended to assess your ability to pass the actual Certification Exam, only to give you a sense of the format and questions provided. Numerous industry acronyms are used in the exam. Read the list of acronyms.

Cost, scheduling, and rules

NewTek Certification exams cost $150. Collecting the exam fee and scheduling are done by the individual testing centers, not by NewTek. Contact a testing center near you to schedule an exam, or if you should need to cancel or re-schedule your exam. Candidates must bring a valid picture ID with them to the testing center and must have an email account that can be accessed via a Web browser.

You may not bring any personal materials with you into the testing area, and are required to leave cell phones, Blackberries, laptops, backpacks, iPads, etc. outside the testing room. You may not talk with anyone or get any help with the exam during testing. The contents of the exam remain NewTek property, and you may not divulge the questions or answer choices to anyone. Before taking an exam, you are required to agree to the terms of the Certified Operator Agreement.

How to prepare for the exam

A number of resources are available to help you get ready. Of course, operating a TriCaster or 3Play in a real-world setting is the best training of all, but other resources exist. Visit the Learning Resources page to find links to training curricula and videos, product User Guides, frequently asked questions files, and the busy Discussion Forums.

Exam outcomes

If you pass

The passing score for the exams range from 70% to 75%. If you pass, you join the ranks of an elite force of live event producers. Within a few days, you'll get a congratulations email with an official, personalized, printable certificate as a PDF attachment. This certificate is suitable for framing and displaying proudly, and it attests to your knowledge and experience with NewTek product operation.

Additionally, if you choose, your name and contact information will be added to the searchable Certified Operator Directory on the NewTek website so potential employers can find you easily and verify your certification. All certifications expire after two years. The Certification Exams are periodically updated to reflect the latest shipping version of the software and hardware.

If you don’t pass

Often, this indicates a need for further study and practice with product operation in order to attain a level of proficiency required to pass the exam. Don't be discouraged; some operators do not pass the test the first time. Instead, use this as motivation for further study and practice. Refer to the Learning Resources page for study materials.

You must wait one week before attempting a retest. The retest is the same price as taking the exam the first time.